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    • LimbLover
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      One of my best friends has hunted all his life but always with a rifle. I had never hunted before up to last season and he helped me out with my first deer. I’ve been wanting to get him shooting a bow for awhile now.

      Tuesday he called me up and asked if he could tag along with me to the range. I brought him to league instead. A buddy let him borrow a recurve and I gave him some 2117 aluminums to shoot an everything else he needed.

      He had an absolute blast and by the end of the night he was hitting decent groups at 15 yards and only broke one arrow!

      I think he’s hooked. It was a great feeling to see him shoot after instructing him a bit. An even better feeling to watch the rest of the guys welcome him in the way they did. Its hard for a new guy to jump right into a 3d shoot. I only shot at a bale for at least a month!


    • David Petersen
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      Indeed, “awesome.” I think often about how many folks are out there who would instantly become converts if only they had an introduction like you provided for your friend. I mean, what’s a more fun social hobby than range and league archery? Bowling? Golf? You name it, and by comparison trad archery is more fun and less expensive to get into.

      Where I draw the line when talking to people — generally compound device shooters — about the potential lifelong joys of trad archery and bowhunting, is when they say (as the pulley folks so often do) “I just don’t have time to practice enough. I can set up the sights on my XXXSuperWhatEverDartDeliverySuperHero, and never have to practice at all!” To which I honestly respond, “Best stay where you are then, as traditional archery and bowhunting are for those who see practice as a pleasure in itself, not some obnoxious requirement to be minimized.” Indeed, I was a trad archer before I was old enough to be a bowhunter, and when I can no longer pull a longbow or recurve heavy enough to ethically take game, I’ll still be a backyard archer, even if I can only pull 25 pounds. Because it’s fun! Because it’s good for the body, the mind and the soul! Traditional is not a “practical” thing. Traditional is a spiritual thing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Trad archery isn’t something we suffer through so we can hunt with a stickbow and feel elite. Trad archery is a visceral deep-time what-it-means-to-be-human joy in and of itself. You’ve heard the phrase (and book title) “the Zen of archery.” Excuse me, but Zen is of archery, not archery is of Zen. Traditional archery is Zen! Dave (Please excuse any excesses in my posts this evening, but I tend to get a bit — over-excited — when my wife is gone. And this time she’s been gone too long, and too far away. I’m the one who’s “supposed” to go away and leave her home alone, not the other way around! 🙄

    • Cottonwood
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      Bravo indeed. I just got back from my uncles where I had taken all 4 traditional bows. My uncle took to my Selfbow, and loved it and asked if I could leave it and some arrows for him to practice with.

      I left the bow, arrows, extra arm guard and glove and a spare block target that I made.

      HE HE HE, he’s hooked now….

      I deliberately took all my bows, so he could get shooting to see if he like it, he loved it.

      And I walked away with a big ol smile on my face, and an inner satisfaction knowing that his passion for the traditional will grow.

    • Mark Turton
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      I got hooked without knowing it, my youngest son wanted to try archery so off we go to the local field archery club. A nice old guy hands me a bow and a fist full of arrows and says don’t just stand there have a go, and I’m still havin ago.

      As for practice it allows me to try my new bowstrings.

      Left to fend for yourself Dave I know the feeling, one saucepan, one plate one mug knife and fork why do women make so much mess in the kitchen. And another thing how does the magic white box work where clean clothes come from. DONT PUT WASHING UP LIQUIDE IN THE DISH WASHER it frightens he heck out of the dogs and takes a lot of cleaning up.


    • JUST_ME1962
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      yes I too have “corrupted” another compound shooter to recure. he sold his two recurves and is having a blast shooting his Samick sage.

      On the other hand I just bought a camp pink martin compound to get my girlfriend into the game. The recurve was just too much for her , going to school, 3 kids, etc., but hopefully when she’s shot enough of the martin I can get her over to one of my Chek Mates.

      get them shooting at all costs and if you have to convert them later LOL.

    • LimbLover
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      Just as an update.

      I took my buddy Brent to Wilderness Dreams in Sand Lake, MI and we shot bows and the “shit” all morning lol.

      He didn’t know it but I was there at the behest of his wife as she is looking to get him a bow for Father’s Day and his birthday on the 26th.

      We got his draw all figured out and he is really happy with an older Grayling made Bear Tigercat – 56″, 50#. Its in near mint condition. A beautiful bow.

      I’m not a recurve guy but he is shooting great. I had them hold it for him until his wife buys it but I think he is going to be really really happy. Now I just need to get him some 2016 arrows.

    • Chris Shelton
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      I just suckered a buddy of mine into it as well.

      He has his dads, old ben pearson recurve with a 38# draw, hes a big boy so I told him he would probably shoot about 43 with the extra draw, he is hooked. He is already looking for other bows, lol

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