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    • sinawalli
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      As our favorite time of year quickly approaches, I would like to say best of luck to my fellow trad brothers! May your feathers stay dry, your arrows fly true and your freezer be full! Cheers!

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Thanks, and I wish everybody the same!!

      I’m planning on working my @$$ off for it this year, and I plan to be out there every possible minute of every possible day. Yesterday’s scouting hike got me very pumped…

    • Alexandre Bugnon
      Post count: 681

      Thanks!! Same to everyone here!

    • Ptaylor
      Post count: 573

      Yep same to all, Good Luck! And enjoy every breath-taking minute of it.

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Luck? Who needs obsolete luck when you have a whole Cabela’s catalog full of crutches, shortcuts, baits and gadgets all intended to defeat the need for luck. These days we can buy our luck!:lol:

      Seriously, thanks for the thought and same to you.

    • RalphRalph
      Post count: 2544

      Not only good luck y’all but be careful too. You don’t wanna be running around with a hand that still ain’t right or something else buggered up or your gone. That’s something, the being careful and smart about it’s use, that doesn’t come with any piece of equipment.

      Kind thoughts to all and enjoy your venison as I did tonight. Hope everyone gets to enjoy next years.


    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
      Post count: 2261

      Yes, good luck and safety to all and good meals to follow! peace, dwc

Viewing 6 reply threads
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