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    • James Harvey
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      Not to steal any of Dave’s thunder but I got this email from Chris Daley almost a week ago now and thought it was worth sharing for those as excited as me. I hope I’m not stepping on your toes Dave.

      Christopher Daley wrote: Dear supporters of The Good Hunt, friends and family,

      Many of you have inquired many times over the last two years when you would be able to see the film. That day is now closer than ever as we are striving to make the film available before the Christmas holidays.

      Much has happened on our end and perhaps the biggest change since the last update is the decision to make two versions of the film. This has taken a good deal of time but both Dave and I are very happy with the decision. The Good Hunt will clock in at about 50min and be geared primarily towards European audiences; On The Wild Edge will be the title of a 70min cut, geared toward American audiences, allowing for a more in-depth reflection on hunting, conservation and a simple life on the edge of wilderness.

      Right now we are doing the final polishing and developing a strategy for the release of the films. Next steps are the printing a first series of DVDs for sponsors and festivals, and overhauling the website(s).

      Dave and I have come a long way in this process and feel better than ever about where we are with it today.

      All the best from Brussels, more soon.



    • David Coulter
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      Thanks for posting the letter, Jim. I look forward to seeing it soon. We are fortunate to have so many excellent spokesmen in our midst. peace, dwc

    • blacktail
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      thanks for posting the info..SO,will this be offered to the public..i love to get a copy…thanks john

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