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    • Stephen Graf
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      I’ve had plenty of liver at home, as well as in camp. You know the drill : Throw it in a pan, cook it till it’s tan, pull it on out and eat it like a man 😯

      But I found this recipe yesterday and gave it a try. Even my finicky daughter liked it.

      – Slice liver about 1/8 inch thick. Skin the liver and remove all the big blood vessels (I never skinned it before, it really helps).

      – Put it in a merinade with a lot of salt, and a good splash of soy sauce. Leave over night.

      – Fry onions in an iron skillet with a large dollop of butter. When the onions have carmelized put the liver on top (I battered the liver before cooking) Add Salt and Peper

      – Cook on first side about 2 minutes. Flip and cook for 1 minute on second side.

      I just had the left-overs in a sandwich. It made a mighty fine lunch.

    • Doc Nock
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      Liver n onions…as traditional as Trad archery!!

      We always soaked our liver in salt water for a day or so to get as much of the “blood” out and kept changing water…

      I have cut it thin and since I can’t tolerate onions anymore, I just quick fry it in butter, keep flipping soon as blood shows on top… then serve it up with fried eggs and toast!

      Poor man’s “steak and eggs”…its whats for breakfast!:lol:

    • bruc
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      They both sound darned good to me !!


    • 1shot
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      An awesome marinade I’ve been using for everything lately

      1/4 cup of tequila

      1 handfull of cilantro chopped

      4tbs Ancho chili powder

      (I love to cook)

    • Ben M.
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      I’ve tried liver (deer) over and over but just can’t seem to make myself like it. The taste, questionable at best, seems to linger for hours. But I can’t stand wasting it so I make dog treats out of it. Halve the liver, bake it to an internal temp of 160*F, cut into thin strips and dehydrate. Haven’t had a complaint yet.

    • mhay
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      I’m with Ben on this one . Just can’t reach the point of enjoyment .

      Reminds me of my first TRAD buck. This old farmer never let anyone hunt ,,,PERIOD . Well, I’d been road scouting the local farms and had been seeing a lot of deer hanging near this ol’ boy’s woodlot . I went to him with the attitude that the worst he can do is run me off . After a thirty minute talk , and him asking a lot of questions and laying down a lot of rules as to where I should park and such he gave me permission . On my second hunt I arrowed a 2nd year buck . The farmer was shelling corn in the next field . He saw me go in and thirty minutes later go out . Another thirty minutes and I was back with a Coleman lantern and knife (I was in such a rush for remaining daylight I had forgtten my knife ). I stopped at his house to inorm the MRS. what I was up to and then went to find my deer . Couriosity got the ol’ boy and he stopped shelling corn and went to the house where his MRS. told him I had killed a deer . About the time I finished gutting the deer I could hear him walking through the fodder . He came striaght up to me with his eyes all peeled back in disbelief . It was the first deer ever taken on his farm . First thing he said was ”WHERE’S THE LIVER ?” I reached into the gut pile and pulled it out and cut it loose for him . Went for the jeep upon his insistence and he sat there in the jeep for a half mile drive through a corn field holding that bloody liver . He was so tickled to get that meat , I thought he was gonna eat it before we got to the house .

    • Stephen Graf
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      That’s why I put the recipe here. Cause it makes the liver taste good.

      I think what makes it good is peeling the skin off the liver, and soaking it in a marinade.

      Liver is so good for you, might as well enjoy it!

    • Arne Moe
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      I’m with Ben and mhay on this one. The recipe I use is to soak it in EVERY steak sauce I have on hand for three weeks. Then fry in a cast iron skillet with $200 a bottle brandy poured on top until unrecognizable. Then throw liver AND skillet away and go to Mickey D’s.

      Sorry, JUST CAN”T eat ANY “inards.” 😀 😳


    • Ben M.
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      Well, Steve, I’ll give it another try. I’m gonna try your bone stew this year, too.

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      We have always used the same recipe Mom used for calves liver. It is much like what Steve described except Mom added a dash of vinegar and worchestershire to the sauteed onions and let simmer. Sometimes it was just vinegar if we didn’t have worchetershire sauce. Don’t over do either one of these ingrediants. We do not use much salt as I don’t tolerate it well but I am used to eating foods with little salt. If you like alot of salt you might think my food is bland.

      Another overlooked morsel is the heart. Cleaning the valves and tendons out of the insides is pretty simple then slice or dice as you wish and cook the same as the liver.

      We also soaked the organ meats in salt water, changing it at least 3 times in the fridge. This, in my opinion is all the salt the meat needs.

      mhay – The farmer story is priceless! I loved it. 😀

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