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    • Guy Seniceros
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      Hi guys,

      Well I decided to try for a deer this year afterall. So being that it was sort of a last minute decision, I’ve decided to go with what I have rather than what I would rather have. So I bought my small game / bird hunting licence today as well as my Archery deer tag. So for us here in Wyoming opening day is Sept. 1st. As far as going with what I have, I have 125 grn Thunderheads rather than the 175 grn Zwickey CliffZwickeys that I would have prefered. So now, I’m shooting a minimum of 30 minutes a day and walking to get my physical condition up as far as possible in the time I have. Hopefully, I’m not being unrealistic with my goals.

    • richard roop
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      I’m a huge fan of roving with Judo blunts.  A little walking, a little shooting & maybe a bit of scouting while you’re at it.

      Makes for a pretty good day.

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Ditto what Richard said. Sharp broadhead in the right spot is the key. Get inside your sure hit range —Remember to pick a spot….. ” aim small miss small”.

      Scout aka Ray


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