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    • Etter1
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      I’m making jerky today for long days in the field and parboiling some wild turkey legs and thighs to make turkey salad for lunches. Broadheads are sharpened so I’ll just have to touch them up the day before, and I’m thinking of a shopping list already.

      Bear camp for us starts Sept 13 this year. It’s going to be a big camp this year and 4 of us 5 are traditional bowhunters. Should be great. Im thinking about bringing my wok up this to make a big stir fry one night. That’s super easy at the end of a long day. We used to do it when we canoed pine creek in PA and with a little pre-cooked rice and some chicken and bags of mixed veggies, it’s a huge meal for a big group in about 20 minutes.

      What’s the first camp you guys got coming up? I’m so excited about this one that I can barely sleep anymore. 26 days left!!!!

      Oh and, got my black widow tuned to a tee now with a much heavier setup. 300 grains up front loaded with tree sharks and shooting like darts! If anything goes wrong now, it’s human error! (very likely by the way):D

    • sinawalli
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      For me, Sept6 for five days of elk hunting in the foothills! Right in the middle of grizzly and kitty cat country! Will either be solo or one other guy.

    • tailfeather
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      I’m bringing jerky, coffee, libations, and will have some home-smoked BBQ if I have any left after the UGA/Clemson game. It may be your mtn hog or one of mine from down here….can’t remember. Don’t forget your fly rod.

    • Ptaylor
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      My wilderness hunting location just caught on fire yesterday. There’s other areas to hike in to hunt, I just don’t know them very well. I know the fire’s good, but I spent 3 days every weekend hunting for a month and a half last year getting to know this place, and I feel like I was starting to understand how it works up there. I think most of my hunting will be day trips or overnights this year now.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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