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      A Man Made of Elk… Forgot what a great read that book is. What a way to get ready for my upcoming elk hunt. Thank you David Petersen for your uncompromising ethics and opinions. Thank you for thinking of the animal more than yourself. Thank you for relying on and enjoying the hard work of packing out meat with your own two legs. Thank you for excellent bow, arrow, and broadhead suggestions. Thank you for revealing yourself and sharing your disappointments as well as successes and for describing the subtle differences.

      I have an elk ‘guru’ advising me to “make a lot of noise”. He is quite successful and I will probably give it a try, but I have always skulked in the shadows. I like to sit on a stump with good cover behind me and wait… David Petersen describes hunting often like this. It’s a quiet time, a contemplative time, and a very exciting time when things come together.

      Mr. Petersen, we have never hunted together at the same place and at the same time, but I have hunted right along with you while reading this excellent book. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and just wanted to say thanks!

      Maybe I need to read a few more… 😀

      The book is easy to find online, here is David Petersen’s website: http://www.davidpetersenbooks.com

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