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    • tailfeather
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      Great morning, last Saturday! Felt like Spring, and in fact my main purpose was listening for gobblers. I didn’t hear any turkeys, but I did find this nice point (Coastal Plain Chert, I think). I was admiring it in hand and pondering when the hogs started fighting in the swamp. A sign? One more hunt for the old head? I went after them, longbow in hand and point in pocket. Luckily they made enough racket I could get in amongst em. Shot this hog at 3 exhilirating steps. Panko-crusted tenderloin tonight!:D

    • wapiti792
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      Way to go…bonus pig!

    • FUBAR
      Post count: 252

      Saawweeeeet! What a great day you had:P

    • William Warren
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      The Grandfathers smiled when you found that ancient point and sent you a gift. 😀

    • wildschwein
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      Awesome stuff!!! A great day to be sure.

    • tailfeather
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      Duncan wrote: The Grandfathers smiled when you found that ancient point and sent you a gift. 😀

      That’s the way I see it too, Duncan. Ain’t it all so cool? Not just the kill, per se, but the connection with the past…..appreciation, the continuing cycle…I just love it all.:D

    • tom-wisconsin
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      Finding the point will make that hunt easy to cherish. Congrats.

    • bruc
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      Congrats !!! Nice pig !

      Wondering what panko is ?


    • sagebrush
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      Good job! Cool find also. Gary

    • Mint
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      Thats great. Congrats on both!

    • David Petersen
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      For us “spiritual weirdo hunters” it can’t get any better than that. A friend I was turkey hunting with, walking right behind me, found a lovely little quartz bird point a few years ago. I had seen the glint on the ground but it didn’t register with me. But nothing was killed that day. I doubt I’ll ever be as lucky as you were. Thanks for sharing, dave

    • paleoman
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      I got back from a trip to Vegas last week. I’m no gambler at all but I played the slots just a little. You hit a jackpot with your day! I can see the reels spinning and landing on a point and a hog and the bells and whistles going off! Cool!

    • rayborbon
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      Nice work on the hog!

    • Wolf Among Dogs
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      Very Nice !

    • SteveMcD
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      Congrats! Must be some good mojo in that point! I’d be carrying it in your possibles bag from now on! 8)

    • Bounty Hunter
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      Awesome story and will make for great memories and some good eats, Congrats!!!!

    • Patrick
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      That’s awesome! Congrats!

      David Petersen wrote: For us “spiritual weirdo hunters” …


Viewing 16 reply threads
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