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    • wildschwein
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      I was just wondering how much extra wieght on average a person can expect when purchasing a set of footed arrows?

      Now I know there are many variables that will affect this answer (such as wood types), but I was hoping those of you who shoot or have shot footed arrows could give me a rough idea of what there is to gain in shooting footed arrows.

    • CarolinaBob
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      Call Bob Burton at Whispering Wind arrows. He can fill you in on all of the details on the footed arrows he makes. Another source is Ted Fry at Raptor archery.

    • wildschwein
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      Thanks for the info.

    • Steve Sr.
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      With these custom arrowsmiths, you’ll be able to ask for the weight you want, and let them tell you what combo will hit that range. Wood, like all natural products has such a wide variety of densities that they can sort and give you pretty much what you want.

      Only my opinion but the footed part is “half the battle” if I wish to go to the extreme (yeah, I got some beauts!).

      Footed AND TAPERED for me. Less weight behind, more up front plus the added “tuffness” of the footing makes a great arrows.

      This combo with a Tuffhead gave me something I never thought I would ever see.

      A FOC in a WOOD arrow of 26.7%.

      (and they are GORGEOUS too!)

      God Bless and 2 cents is all.

      Steve Sr.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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