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    • Ben M.
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      I posted a picture earlier today of a pigeon I shot on the wing. I was alone when I did it, and the whole thing happened so fast I can only call it reaction. One shot one kill, it was the only bird I saw this morning.

      This evening I took my daughter back to the same barn to try again and the family who lives on the farm came with us. I had an audience of two adults and three children, and out of about 20-25 shots I hit only three (sitting) birds anywhere from ~7 to ~18 yards.

      It’s like lyagooshka said in another thread, “Forget buck fever, what about the world watching?” When I am alone and focused I can hit a row of 12 oz gatorade bottles from 33yds, but when I know others are watching I miss at 7 yards…

      Focus has so much to do with self-confidence. Archery is a raw mirror. It teaches me that success requires not just the skills to achieve my goals, but confidence in myself to know that I can.


      BTW, pigeon is tasty. Try it. 🙂

    • Mark Turton
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      I know that feeling and sympathise.

      Try cutting pigeon breasts into strips and stir fry, very good.


    • Wexbow
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      I hear ya Prowler. I think once the basics are mastered, archery is primarily a mental game 💡

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