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    • cminerly
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      I am refletching some aluminum arrows and am wondering if I really need to spring for specialized “fletching glue”. I have had great success in the past with both fastset and Bohning fletching adhesives. My only complaint is that since I do not often need to refletch, the glue in the tube hardens before the next time that I need to use it. Maybe I am just being cheap, but I wondered if anyone out there is in a similar situation and has arrived at a satisfactory solution?

    • John Carter
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      I use Gorilla glue ultra bonder.
      The one in the little plastic bottle with the brush.
      It’s a super glue that takes about 20 seconds to set up.
      With fletch tite,if you keep it in the fridge standing up right it won’t go off on you.

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      I use the fletching tape and love it. Its super strong and no mess to deal with nor does it harden. To all his own, but i really dont think you would be disappointed in the tape. I was unsure at first how it would hold up but im pretty rough on arrows when stump shooting and its amazing how strong this stuff holds. Hope this helps.

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I’ve been using the fletching tape for a year and a half now and I don’t remember having a feather come loose. I do quite a bit of stumping and my share of missing, so the arrows get beat up a bit. When I look at my stack of bent arrows I see a small sea of nice looking feathers down the tube.

    • Van/TX
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      Fletch-Tite for bare aluminum. Period…Van

    • tom-wisconsin
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      I found it helpful no matter what adhesive is to make sure use sqeeze the tube or bottle until the glue is up to the top and then put the cap on. that way there is no air that can dry out the adhesive.

    • rayborbon
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      Fletch tite platinum.

    • sagebrush
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      The last time I bought fletch tite was quite a while ago. At the time, I bought a pint of it and a pint of fletch tite thinner. Every year or so I add some thinner to the fletch tite and stir it up. Gary

    • Frank H V
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      I use Duco mostly, but I do use fletching tape. You can get both from 3Rivers. Your local hardware store may have Duco Cement.

    • rod&bow
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      I’ve had very good success with Bohning Platinum and Fletch Flex glues on both carbon and aluminum shafts. They do take a bit of time to dry, but are absolutely dependable. When dry, I apply a drop of glue to the front and back of the feather, which aids in locking it in. When finished, I put the tube of glue in a small ziplock bag and toss it in the freezer! Stays good almost indefinately. Allow to warm to room temp before using.

    • trl242
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      The best glue that I’ve found comes from the Super Store (Wal****) and is hanging up in the painting section of the store. It’s “General Purpose Contact” not the “Superglue” and it is about 1.29 a tube. I buy them about 10 at a time (I fletch a lot). It’s waterproof, dries just a hare slower than Martin or the other glues, but holds better than any I’ve found. I won’t buy anything else anymore. It comes in kind of a gell form as opposed to the superglue which is all watery and runs everywhere.

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