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    • jason samkowiak
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      I took these pics for another site where there were lots of questions about cool white vs neutral white led flashlights and headlamps. Thought I would share here.

      The pics are taken with 2 identical flashlights one is cool white like most led lights are, and the other is neutral white (warmer and more yellow in color). the lights are eagle tac d25c clicky single cell cr123 lights. the lights are 435 lumens output, but i used medium mode so it was not too bright and you can see the color differences. pics are not great quality as they are with my cell phone but you can see the color differences.

      the flashlights eagle tac d25c clickys. the key chain light is cool white and the headlamp clamp one is neautral white.

      cool white medium mode indoors.

      neutral white medium mode indoors.

      cool white medium mode outdoors.

      neutral white medium mode outdoors.

      As you can see the neutral white is better for detail rendering and better for blood trailing because of its warmer color. Not that there is anything wrong iwth the cool white light as that is what i have been using for many years and never had a problem. but i think the neutral white is a better option if you are in the market for a new light.

    • 1shot
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      I would agree that the “old” style is way better for blood trailing and even just walking through rough terrain, the LED lights tend to mess with my depth perception…

      We used to use an old style Colemen gas lamp with a shade to block the back of the glass, it was awesome for night time blood trailing…

      Thanks for the thread…

    • Stumpkiller
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      I have a Fenix PD30 R2 (now obsolete like me) and it is still an amazing light. Uses 2 CR123 cells but burns a long time at lower settings and even at the highest still gives 1.5 hours. I have no trouble tracking after dark at the medium setting and that lasts four hours. At the low setting, good enough for most camp needs, it burns 65 hours!

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