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    • Col Mike
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      The scene. I am sitting fully exposed between three trees. Orientated toward the small gravel road that runs by my front. There is absolutely nothing between me and the road I only have the tree I’m sitting next to as a backstop. Twenty minutes pass. Lots of talk in the woods. And he steps out on the road thirty yards from me. My first thought is he’s going to see me. He keeps walking and strutting down the road. I then think he doesn’t see and I will have the shot. It takes ten minutes for the bird to get there. I draw when his head is down. Then RELEASE. Whoops. Our grey beard mentor told me Hold on where the wing joins the body. Well… don’t forget basic marksmanship. The road is elevated about two feet from my ditch in the trees. When I released, my first thought was–You forgot–uphill shot hold low. The arrow passed right over his back. I believe the fletching touched his back. He jumped three feet– spread his wings– flew ten– landed– and then walked back to check out the arrow. He never saw or looked in my direction. Could not knock another arrow without spooking. He walked away. After letting heartbeat return to normal and a new dip of copenhagen all I could was sit. Forty minutes later four birds walked out on the same trail. They pecked around me for over thirty minutes and never saw me.

      Lessons learned. Shooting uphill remember to hold low. When the creatures are around you remember not to move. Awesome experience. More tomorrow.

      Semper Fi


    • jonking
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      great story Mike. I am heading out tomorrow for the first hunt of the season. I will be a count myself a lucky man to have a “miss” story to tell

    • paleoman
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      Now that was a good day! Amazing how much computing power there is, and is not, in that bumpy little top knot. Have fun!

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