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    • Col MikeCol Mike
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      If your still with this story–let’s discuss camouflage.

      First the environment–here- we have hardwood and evergreen forests in rugged hills dominated by numerous fluvial forms. Bed rock of non-marine sandstones with shale and coal beds and many limestone, the old Appalachian metamorphic are to the east of us. Forests have thick underbrush–EXCEPT today. Hurricane Sandy 3 feet of heavy snow leveled it all coupled with our 12+ feet of snow completely leveled not only the brush but the dead fall. While scouting I tried to figure how to build temp blinds–no way anything would go UN-observed by the critters. OK–so we have a forest that looks like a park with nothing over 2 feet high and it’s all horizontal.

      Solution–you have to blend in with what is there–vertical trees and ground level debris and you have to be able to shoot your bow with minimal movement. And I can’t shoot Elkhart Too from prone or on my back.

      Well as you may remember from previous posts I am not a fan of Camo hunting clothes and besides our ancestors didn’t have access to the C store or those others. And, from some experience I know they are almost worthless and in fact promote sloppy movement. After all we won two world wars and did pretty good in Korea and Vietnam without them (except for some special units).

      This is what I wore–old fleece hat with bill and pull down ear covers green and grey. Stripes of camo black on face–wool rich green and khaki plaid shirt–carhart moss trousers–and of course our favorite LL hunting boots only because it was to wet for my moccasins. 54″ shrew classic longbow with 30″ carbon, grizzly single bevel broadheads and—white fletching other then the cock. Wow I should stand out like that thumb without all the real tree stuff and portable blind.

      The key to camo is blend in–use shadows as they occur–AND don’t move–until it’s time! Next–the experience of that many wild animals so close and never spooking them–and why I missed the shot. If I’m not boring-:)

      Semper Fi


    • Goraidh
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      Yeah, Mike. Keep it coming.

    • jonking
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      Sitting on the edge of my seat Mike. This is the best cliff hanger I have “watched in a while.

    • Dave Nash
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      Come on Mike, finish the story so I can get some sleep.Man I love this stuff.


    • grumpygrumpy
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      When I was growing up there was no camo. Kenny Waters used to just stand still. I would be walking along a trail in the woods, and suddenly there would be a “Hello.” Scared me half to death, and he would be standing 2 feet away. No camo, he just stood beside a tree and didn’t move.

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