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    • paleoman
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      Well, Michigan is going to “get the lead out” tomorrow. Firearm deer season starts. For many years that was like Christmas Day to me. I don’t deny an ethical firearm hunter a thing. It’s just weird how I’ve changed and really won’t miss it. I’ll take October with the bow any day. Anyone else felt that change or switch flip and you wonder what happened?

    • Patrick
      Post count: 1148

      I feel exactly the same, except, give me the first two weeks of November. Well, October too. 🙂

      And thanks to my truck’s fuel pump leaving me stranded, I missed tonight’s hunt…the last before firearm season. 🙁

    • David Fudala
      Post count: 224

      I’m right there too guys. Haven’t gun hunted in years and consider myself a one weapon hunter now. It’s hard to explain but it just doesn’t feel the same. And with 15″ of snow on the ground here already, you can bet your a$$ I miss mid September and early October!!!!

    • jason samkowiak
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      I have never used a gun to hunt before but usually hunt the opener with my bow or in stand with my wife while she gun hunts.

      This year I decided to take a different direction during the gun season. I’m packing my wall tent, stove and heading to a different state to bow hunt. Leaving tomorrow night, very excited.

    • SDMFer
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      I’ll second.

      I’ve lost interest in it. The orange army is descending on the limited public lands here in NE tomorrow and I have no interest in joining the ranks. Go to the Wally Mart and; all the deer bait (that is illegal in NE) is sold out, the bars are packed, and the jacked up trucks are loaded with anything Cabelas sells. I don’t know why I lost interest (Sarcastic font inserted prior if it existed).

      Don’t get me wrong, I have, and probably will again, hunted with a rifle. The fact that I’m fairly inefficient with my longbow and I like to eat venison dictates such.

      I’m hoping this year to “make meat” with my Hawkins since my stick and string didn’t work out, but in a pinch, when it’s either buy meat or get my own, and I prefer my own way. So, I may end up rifle hunting again soon.

      Ultimately, for me, it isn’t the means but the fact that the focus is on the end not the means with so many in the orange army. Especially with short seasons and limited public land. Tack on the idea of pay to play, trophies or bust, and a general “outhouse channel” mentality it’s hard to blame them. But I do.

      Then you add to the mix the fact that NE is a private land state with a smidge of public land it gets worse. Boy we’d all be better off it [public land] was just sold to the highest bidder (Another instance where sarcastic font would be great).

      Unfortunately, it’s far too complex of an issue for me to explain here why I’ve given up the gun (sort of), but man this did make me think.

      So, for that thank you.

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I have a few stands up with the idea of a safe place to bowhunt during the rifle season. They are place in areas I know deer run to when things heat up in the woods. I’m not opposed to the rifle and killed my last two deer with one, but it really started to feel like cheating last year. dwc

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      I got out and rifle hunted a bit this fall after archery season ended, and took a deer. But it really held no excitement for me at all. Most of my friends who are hunters are all rifle hunters, and they think there is something wrong with me that all I want to do is hunt with a stickbow, even when I dont’t get anything. Hard thing to explain to those who haven’t done it.

    • wojo14
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      I do not like to be in the woods during rifle season. Buut, since I did not fill my tag (again) in archery season, I will be out this year with the orange on. I will be using my recurve! 8)

      Post count: 24

      I lost the desire to hunt in gun season a long time ago. I will hunt it but with my recurve. I’ve been fortunate to be on a roll for several years and have filled my tag during bow season… not this year though:cry:

      The thing that really concerns me is I think I’m even starting to get disgusted with “bow” season these days. I think the main cause for my malaise is the bombardment of gadgets and X guns. All of the TV shows, hunting celebrities, and commercialism is degrading our pursuit.

      It’s sickening. The number of “bow” hunters that tossed their compounds aside to embrace X guns is disgusting. And the compound shooters continue to welcome any new “improvement” that come down the pike.

      Add in the October in-line season (here in Pa) and it just doesn’t seem like bow season anymore.

      I’ve bow hunted for whitetails for 40 years and it has been my passion for over 30 years. Now I fear that I’m losing the passion.

      It scares me. It really does:(

    • grumpygrumpy
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      Nice to know that I’m not the only one that hasn’t tagged a deer yet. I have 2 weekends left (and nursing s cold right now), then it is the shotgun season. I CAN bow hunt during the shotgun season, but there are too many crazies out there. Bad enough that there are bird hunters out there during the archery season. Sitting at my stand I often hear BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG. Which is a semi auto with a 5 shot clip, and I’m willing to bet he didn’t even get tail feathers.

    • RalphRalph
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      Hey Grumpy, maybe he got 5 birds and he moved a deer out and it’s gonna come sneaking by you paying attention to only where it came from. Spose? :?:? Fat chance uh!

      Hope you get over cold soon.

    • grumpygrumpy
      Post count: 962

      It was over West, near the cow pasture…and they don’t move much.

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