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    • Latrans
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      Hey there,
      Can anyone tell me how to dye the feathers from geese? White would be fine. I just want to make flu flu’s for shooting geese but its hard to find the dark fletching sometimes.
      These are cheap dowel one shot arrows im making but Im using lots of them. If I could Find them for two or three shots even would save me lots of work a nd time.
      Thanks All!!!

    • Chris Shelton
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      Man I feel myself being a walking talking advertisement for 3rivers, but they are a good company. They have a feather dyeing kit that mabye you should check out!? Hopefully that helps!

    • Jarrod Feiner
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      Nothing wrong with waving the 3rivers flag, good people and all. Anyway, a buddy has the kit (probably picked up at 3rivers too); it worked fine for his needs. I know nothing of the kit, but I’ve seen the results. Nice.

    • Latrans
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      Where exactly is Three Rivers? I plan on Being in The states in November so if Im going any where nere there I’ll swing by. Can’t get single bevel broadheads here in Canada either. Thanks for the reply’s guys!!

    • jer11bravo
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      3 rivers is in Ashley IN. However there doors are open to the public on Saturdays only. Huge warehouse with great people that treat you with respect and honesty. check out there website. just punch in 3rivers and it will come up.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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