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    • DAbersold
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      If a bow is made to handle high performance string, will using one still shorten the life of a bow?

    • Stephen Graf
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      For fiberglass bows, not likely. For a self bow or bamboo backed bow, then probably.

      The way to wear a bow out before its time, is to shoot arrows that are too light, or to dry fire the bow.

      If you have a fairly new fiberglass laminated bow with overlays at the ends of the limbs, that is made to handle the newer string materials, then you have no worries.

    • David Petersen
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      What Steve said. It’s the older glass bows that are at risk from the extra shock of FFS. I use it on all my homemade bows — the ones that haven’t blown up, at least! 😆

    • Chris Shelton
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      I wondered where the line was actually drawn. I wasnt sure about my older recurves so to play it safe I still use B-50 strings.

    • Stephen Graf
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      If your recurve has overlays on the tips, then you are ok to use fast flight string. An overlay is just additional material laminated over the tip where the string groove is. If you see materials of different colors than the back of the bow on the tip, then that is the overlay.

      One consideration when switching to fast flight is the thickness of the string. Fast flight strings are generally thinner and may cause problems with good arrow nock fit. When you first nock an arrow, pay attention to how it fits. It will probably be too loose which can cause a dry fire. An easy fix is to add an additional wrap of serving.

      The biggest advantage to me is string wear. Fast flight string is much much tougher than B50 and will last a whole lot longer.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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