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    • Douglas McCracken
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      Hello, this is my first post.


      Is it practical to attempt an EFOC build with wooden arrows? I have some 11/32 shafts from 3Rivers with a total weight, including aluminum outset adapters type things for screw in heads weighing 448 grains. I got them as Christmas gift.

      I think they are these:



      They are 28.5 inches long, from the outside of the adapter to the valley of the nock.


      With a 250 grains field point, they balance at 20.25 from the nock valley to the balance point.


      That’s 21%, according to


      I know a lot of the EFOC builds o see are for carbons arrows which are micro diameter.


      What does everyone think of Woodie EFOC arrows? Will they be worth the trouble?


      I shoot them out of 45 pounds bow, I draw just under 28 inches.

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Hi Douglas

      Welcome to the forum.  What you have, I think will work fine. Unless you want insurance ( bone strikes) on large animals ( elk size) it is a lot of work to get efoc with wood.

      Easiest way is a lighter wood shaft with a heavy broadhead ( 300gr tuffhead type- like you are doing) however the shaft can break behind the head so most people end up with footed shafts. To get high efoc with wooden arrows is — involved– Fun if your really interested – tedious otherwise and probably not necessary for most hunting especially in the continental US. My hunting wooden arrows ( deer/ pigs) – cedar with 300gr tuffhead weigh 662gr and have 17.5 foc —-.

      I have much higher efoc with carbons which I developed for elk as insurance against being slightly off mark ( shoulder) but Havn’t used them in that capacity yet ( Havn’t drawn in NM- building numbers in AZ).

      You can also run in to shorter point blank range issues with the heavier arrow weights and 45 lb bow depending on your hunting / shooting style —

      A lot of info on this in the Ashby study ( scroll down to bottom of the page) and/or search-  friends of foc.

      I think Steve has played with this some – maybe he will weigh in on it and hopefully other members who shoot wooden shafts a lot —

      Scout aka Ray


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