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      I have had alot of people on this board ask me how do I practice with my hand chipped broadheads of obsidian and flint. So I decided to describe my target of choice for everyone.

      What you will need is following

      2 Large Burlap Bags
      ( you can get them from any feed supply store or bulk food store.)

      A roll of twine with large sewing needle

      50 pounds of Plastic Sandblasting beads
      (good for a bow up to about 50 pounds)

      2 large rolls of duct tape
      (I used the 50 foot roll x 3 inches and you will need it all)

      A can of spray paint

      Some way to roll it around the target area.
      ( I built a wagon out of wood and lawn mowers wheels)


      1). Fill the first bag with all of the Plastic Sandblasting Beads.

      2). Roll the bag down from the top and sew the bag closed. Be sure the bag is rolled down tight on the media.

      3). Wrap this bag completely with the duct tape. You must cover the and wrap the whole bag with no burlap showing. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom overlaping the previous wrap until the whole bag is copmpletely covered. This is the most important part of the build. If not done properly then your plastic beads will be all over the place and it will not last. The tape acts like a sealer when you pull the arrows out.

      4.) Place this bag inside the other bag and pull it tight so that it fits like a glove and sew the top closed.

      5). Paint 3 round bullseyes on one side of the bag and a deer silluete on the other.

      6). Place in the wagon for mobility or just hang it up or place it against a tree or wall.

      This target will last several weeks before needing repair. You can shoot broadheads into it, but it will increase the wear of the target. I just shoot a few to make sure I am on target. Extracting the arrows is very easy.

      Total cost should be under 30 dollars

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