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    • Larry O. Fischer
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      I just returned from Denton Hill where KME’s own Ron Swartz was crowned the Eagle Eye Champion, congratulations to Ron!

    • FUBAR
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    • David Petersen
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      I had talked to Ron prior to the event and he said he was going to enter. It was a “why the heck not,” sort of deal, with half the proceeds from shooter entry fees going to an organization for veterans. Then last night I talked to him and he told the whole story. Wish I could have been there to watch, and be among the happy “losers.”

      At first glance, Ron looks like a guy you wouldn’t want to get into a bar fight with, and you probably wouldn’t because he’s likely to have something very sharp with him at all times. 😈 But in fact he’s a big old sweetie. Sorry, Ron. And congratulations for some great shooting. You deserve the limelight. Dave

    • Robin Conrads
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      I have deleted several posts on this thread because they did not pertain to the topic. Any questions can be sent to me at webmaster@tradbow.com


    • sharpster
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      Thank you very much everyone. I just got lucky. Want to know what I’m most proud of? Take a look at this, my youngest son Ethan shooting and qualifying for the kids Eagle-Eye competition. No, he didn’t win but who cares, just look at that smile!


      And the results…


      Thanks to all, especially Robin!


    • wildschwein
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      Congrats to both father and son!

    • skifrk
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      Congrats are in order for both father and son that is a great feat.

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      Congratulations, Ron!! … and son!!

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