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    • Shorthair
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      I just made up my first set of heavy FOC arrows: 100 g brass inserts in the shaft with 100 g bh inserts into 140g grizzlies. When I bought the broad heads I was told “don’t worry they all come in heavy plus with glue they will be right on 250 total.” Well, they are all from 7 to 13 gr light, hovering right around 10 g. Should I be concerned? Sharpening takes some steel off. People naturally short draw in the moment of truth (thus raising the spine a bit). Should I go to the next weight broad head (160 I think?). I should say that they bare shafted perfectly with 250g field points.

    • Doc Nock
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      How WELL do you shoot?

      I know friends who take this FOC thing super serious…and just a few grains in the back (nock weight, wraps, etc) can alter FOC by several % but adding weight (or subtracting) doesn’t affect FOC as much, or so they share with me and I’ve not caught these people in a windy story yet.

      More to spine… I test all my shafts ONE AT A TIME ever since Troy shared that his experience, even carbons vary in weight in a given dozen. I set them up and trim from the rear, then when fletching at the end, I move the flech 1/4″ farther from nock… Leaves more room to do some minor cutting after testing bhs.

      Then once I have them dialed in and fletched, start over testing with broadheads using the Tuffhead site format for testing done by Troy.

      I’ve even added a few #8 lead shot to my BH before gluing in the inserts…but then, you have to weigh your inserts for the heads and your ones in your shafts if you’re going to get too persnickety. And spin them to be sure all is even! IT gets gnarly.

      I fuss over 10 gr, but I doubt it makes much difference in my shooting—and I limit myself to 20 yards in the woods on game…too many tiny deflectors these older eyes don’t see anymore!

    • Stephen Graf
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      For an average shooter like me, 20 or 30 grains doesn’t make any difference.

      but if you want to add 10 grains… You could add a 1 inch aluminum sleeve to your arrows which will improve their durability and give you those 10 grains back.

    • Etter1
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      When it comes to flight and penetration, I have no idea. All I know is that my shooting is nowhere near good enough for me to see a difference in anything like that. I can shoot my arrows with ten grain inserts right next to my 100 grain inserts, and at my ranges, there is no difference.

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