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    • robbin68
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      So I finally figured out how to post some pictures on the forum, thanks Robin:)

      These are a few of the locals at my friends place last fall.

      And it appears that my camera doesn’t hold very still while hanging on the tree:lol:

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
      Post count: 2261

      The beauty of these animals will never leave me. I saw a few together yesterday morning and they are really looking scraggly with the winter coat coming off, but just amazing animals. Thanks for posting the photos. best, dwc

    • Ricardo Gonzalez
      Post count: 19

      Beautiful Animals always amazing, waiting for the next season.Nice Picks.

    • David Becker
      Post count: 112

      I love my trail camera. We bought our acreage in February of 2013, but couldn’t move in full time until June. We’d come up here in the weekends and all week long I was like a little kid waiting on Christmas morning because I wanted to see what was on my camera.

      I never get tired of looking at deer. I heard a guy say he got “just does” on his trail camera once and felt kinda sorry for him. After a while, you get to see them as individuals, if you pay attention.

      Thanks for posting those.

    • Mark Turton
      Post count: 759

      Very nice

      Do you have a salt lick out for them

      A friend put his camera on a tree that had fallen over a stream he had foxes, otters, rat’s dippers all manner of critters over the course of the summer.


    • robbin68
      Post count: 49

      We tried that powdered deer cane that makes a mineral site in the ground. Not only do the deer like it, but it lasts a long time so you can stay out of the area and avoid spooking critters.

      My friends property is kind of a “go between” from each of the neighbors but doesn’t hold deer. The neighbors have the bedding areas and some nice oaks which made our set up kind of tough.

      I was skeptical about getting a camera, but I truly enjoy the pictures I get with it.

    • TMS
      Post count: 39

      robbin68, my property is similar in that both bedding and feeding areas are somewhere else nearby (and I have limited permission to hunt those properties at specific times of the season). But these kinds of corridor properties can be good hunting grounds if you can keep track of the travel lanes. I do most of my scouting in the winter when I can clearly see the paths in the snow. With very few exceptions, the deer in my area follow the same routes year after year. So I have set up ambush points in various places near enough to the trails to get good shots (if the deer cooperate). And with multiple locations, I can vary my sitting so that it is harder for the deer to pattern me.

    • wahoo
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      They tick my wife off. Right now they are eating all my wifes tulips and any other flowers they can pull up. Small fences every where. Nice photos

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