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    • OldbowKY
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      Been hunting Land Between the Lakes in west KY for the last 15yrs or so. They have farmers lease land for row crops, beans and corn, so there is lots of that type of hunting if one wants too.

      Myself, I can’t get excited about hunting a 100ac. corn patch.

      Way back some old dirt logging rd. or up a hollow at a saddle on a ridge or a creek bottom near some honeysuckle thicket . And that big old White Oak.

      Who else is fond of the Deep Woods?

    • 1shot
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      While I love hunting our land in NY, a mix of corn, alfalfa, swamps, streams, cedar and hardwoods, and over-grown fields, it is only 800acs.

      I really love the mountains of So. Arizona, to be able to strike off in any direction and not have to think about any borders, just going where my instincts take me, allows me to enjoy the hunt that much more.

      Finding old mines,and indian camp sites adds to the wonder.. And when I do find that hidden spot with seeping water, oak trees dropping acorns like hail-stones, and beaten down game trails, it confirms my inner-hunter is alive and well…

    • mhay
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      Yes sir I do love the deep woods . Living just north of the Ohio River we have a lot of woods , crop fields ,,,typical hilly farms .

      The deer hunting can change dramatically by simply moving a few hundred yards .

      For me the DEEP WOODS is best encountered during the spring and fall turkey seasons. I like to have a LOT of room to move on when attempting to strike a bird or work a bird .

      I’m ok on smaller tracts for deer or small game . But , when it comes to turkeys , if on 200 acres I feel limited and confined .

    • paleoman
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      Me too. I would rather hunt 10 deer/sq mile in big woods than 50 in a little woodlot. And the hillier and more rugged the better. I need at least a few unpressured sq miles to be truly hunting.

    • Doc Nock
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      I like hunting deer where there are deer.

      Crops do seem to help create travel patterns, but rather be off in the woods doing an intercept!

    • jason samkowiak
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      I too prefer the big woods. It allows me many mistakes. I can screw up a stand for whatever reason and simple move a mile to a different one. at any given time during deer season i can have “trees ready for stands” in 60 different areas covering 50 miles. I have stands that are a mile in and stands that are 50 yards off a paved road as well as everything in between.

      I love that freedom. the cost however is less deer, smaller average deer, more pressure, harder hunting, etc. but i would not trade it for the world. The big woods is home for me. I live there, hunt there, fish there, trap there, hike and camp there. for me and my family its our happiness and escape year round from the everyday crap that sucks the life out of us like cell phones, puters, myface, weebox, work, etc. I try every hard to get keep my family in the woods doing something as many days as we can. That comes at an extreme cost. less money, farther commutes to work, less time for normal stuff, less little family functions beacsue of distance, and a much harder life style. But again I would not trade it for the world and hopefully one day my kids will always remeber this stuff regardless of where life takes them.

    • Charles Ek
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      If I ever find my way out of the woods, I’ll be sure to let you know. 😀

    • Cameron Unruh
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      In my part of the country the only way to get away from the drive by hunters who hunt the fire roads in trucks is to load up my pack and head for the high country. My son and I spent time together in some beautiful country this year but it required 24 miles of packing that seemed like we were always going up hill. I loved every minute of it. We lived for a week off the trout in this lake…

    • David Fudala
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      Not only do I love hunting deep in the big woods, but as the season lingers on here in Wisconsin its a necessity! The later in the year it gets the more and more crowded it gets in the “shallow” woods. As soon as the leaves drop, the bird hunters hit the woods and as the rut closes in hunters increase and their stands and baits pop up all over. In order to hunt deer whose patterns haven’t been affected by all this, I have to go pretty deep. But the solitude I find out there is certainly worth the extra effort to get there. I especially enjoy years where the weather has been mild enough to still get in some canoe hunts in the late December season. The scenery is magical! People look at me like I’m nuts when they see me drive thru town near Christmas with a canoe on top of my truck! The payoff of course being nobody follows me!!! We’ll see what this year brings!?!?

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