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    • Larry O. Fischer
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      Many of you know Dave, he is the owner of Archery Past, Oregon’s archery historian, a scheduled speaker for the upcoming PBS banquet, always helping with the PBS youth activities at the banquets and a damn good friend!
      He is in ill health, currently undergoing a stem cell transplant for Amyloidosis.
      I’ve attached an update from his wife Nancy, please keep him in your prayers.

      Hi everyone,

      Today was a big day. We checked in to the hospital and got all settled into the room. Dave is hooked up to IV right now and is chowing down on mac n’ cheese, sauteed chicken and fruit as I write this. He is in good spirits and feels good. He will get his first treatment of chemo tonight, which is sooner than we were initially told, but that means he is starting treatment a day sooner and maybe we’ll be home a day sooner (?). Anyway, he will get chemo again tomorrow and then get his stem cells back on Wednesday.

      I am staying in the hospital room with him and it’s a good thing I’m not very tall. The area where I sleep was certainly not designed with basketball players in mind. It’s kind of a cross between a hotel room and a hospital, but for now, it’s home.

      If you want to call Dave, you can call the room directly, between 8 am and 11 pm at (503) 346-1425. If you want to send anything (incriminating photos, archery shoot pics he might like, etc….), the address is:

      OHSU Healthcare
      KPV 14
      Dave Doran – room 25
      3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
      Portland, OR 97239-3098

      The nurses ask that you please not bring or send any live plants or fake plants. He can have visitors anytime so if you are in the area, I know he would love to see you to help pass the time. There will be a lot of time to pass 🙂

      Feel free to email or call. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for all your good thoughts, prayers, cards, well wishes, calls and generosity. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means (and helps).


    • David Petersen
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      So sorry to hear this, Larry. Dave is a stand-out good guy and you’ll never find a more loyal and involved traditional archer and bowhunter. And Nancy is an angel. For a bit of background for those who don’t know Dave, he was a Marine in Vietnam and advisor to and fought aloneside the Republic of Korea Marines, or ROCs. These guys fought on the front lines in small units and had a reputation that struck fear into the hearts of the enemy like none other. Yet, Dave remains a gentle and loving man; I’ve seen him weep when speaking of a dead friend. I’ll leave Dave Doran’s deep devotion to trad archery to others more informed, but he and Nancy and their traveling trailer archery shop have been at every big trad event I’ve been able to attend.

      Coincidentally, our own Dr. Don Thomas’s father won the Nobel prize for pioneer the same stem cell transplant process Dave is now undergoing. It’s a small world sometimes. I wish Dave the very best and perhaps if we get enough tributes and well-wishes here, the entire thread can be passed along to Dave and Nancy. ‘nuther Dave

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Sending prayers and good wishes to Dave and Nancy. They are some of my favorite people. I hope the transplant is successful and Dave is back on his feet in no time.

    • JEMBO
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      Small world indeed… I just got back from hunting with a good freind who’s an avid broadhead collecter. Just yesterday he was telling me of some dealings he had with Dave and what a good guy he is.
      Best of luck and prayers for Dave and his family.

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