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      Hi, im new to the tradbow site and looking for alittle guidance with equipment. I purchased a older Damon Howatt from a lady whose husband passed and she was unsure of the date purchased or much about it so i contacted Martin archery, sent photos and the responce i received was from a guy with 20+yrs with martin/howatt. He said he has never seen one like this and goes to say its possible it was made early by Damon Howatt and his wife out of there home shop in the beginning. Dated the bow to 1953. Now i know nothing of trad equipment and any help will be appreciated. Only ID markings are a sticker under the laminate that says Howatt’s Mamba Yakima, WASH. also has “HUNTER” below that. In the riser are the numbers 46/1. Attached are photos.

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    • turtlebunting
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      thats a great bow! wanna sell? lol i would hang it on the wall and just show it! i bet there aint many of those left!:P

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      Do you know much about that model and make? Im looking for some accurate info on this bow. Im new to traditional archery.

    • wahoo
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      know nothing about the bow but Howatts are shooters and nice bows. Good luck

    • pewanogo
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      I’m with you turtle b. Start the trad Collection with that one on the wall an look for a newer shooter. You may NEVER find another one of those.

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