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    • sinawalli
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      After reading the article in this months TBM about the custom broadheads, I am thinking about making my own broadheads. I emailed my knife supply guy, and he suggested AEB-L stainless steel used to make razor blades. It is about .075″ thick, and can be tempered anywhere from 55C to 62C! Sounds like a fun project! Will base my design on the Tuffhead.

    • smiley1
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      Good luck…. Does sound like a good winter project. I’ve made my own bows, strings, and arrows but never attempted broadheads. Interested in your results.


    • Ptaylor
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      That does sound like a fun project. put up some photos, would like to know how it goes.

      Along those lines, I’ve been thinking about if a broadhead with a long-tapered-tang would act as an internal footing to strengthen the shaft and could then be mounted on spruce or fir shafts with a low chance of breaking…?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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