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    • shaneharley
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        For those of you who shoot bright fletchings and use a bow quiver or one where your fletchings are exposed, do you cover them with a cover of some sort or no? And do you find that the critters notice your fletchings or not?

      • Bruce Smithhammer
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          Shane –

          I played around with a fletching cover on my bow quiver for a season. It’s the one made by Rod Jenkins/Safari Tuff, in a Predator camo pattern. All in all, I think it does what it’s supposed to, and if you’re someone who prefers really bright fletching, wraps, etc. it probably helps at close range.

          But for me, it ended up just being one more thing to keep track of, and I’m trying to minimize that as much as possible when I’m in the field. So instead, I just went to small yellow fletching and no wraps, which I think blends in pretty well with the yellow aspen leaves we have in the fall.

          If you’re interested in trying out the fletching cover, PM me your address and I’ll send it to you to play around with.

        • Alexandre Bugnon
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            I don’t use them unless it starts to rain. In that case, I use a ziplock bag and remove it when it stops. I’ve had whitetail within 15 yards at eye level many times, sometimes looking dead at me! I use traditional barred cock feathers and 2 white feathers, and white wrap. They never seemed to notice it… Also, Like Bruce says, it’s another thing to keep track of.

          • shaneharley
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              Thanks for the input. Thank you Smithhammer for the offer. I’m probably just going to make a cover. I ended up getting bright orange fletchings because I thought I would like a Safari Tuff quiver but after playing with it I’m probably only going to use it in really rainy weather, which happens often enough in Oregon. So I ordered a bow quiver and now my bright orange fletchings are ecposed. So I’m thinking about making a fletching cover to put over all but one of my arrows. My next round of fletchings will be different I think. Thanks again.

            • jason samkowiak
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                The only animals that i have hunted that notice my flourecent yellow feathers and dip is turkeys and coyotes. It seems in the last couple years i have been using these arrows those 2 critters spot me more in a tree and i think its beacuse of my arrows.

                for rain days go to walmart or whereever and get those little rubber bands that girls use in thier hair when they make braids (they are small like an o-ring) and wrap a peice of seran wrap around your fletching and put the little rubber band to hold it. keeps your arrows dry in the quiver. when you are ready to shoot just pull the seran wrap off and dont worry about the little rubber band it wont affect anything.

              • Jason Wesbrock
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                  I use a fletching cover primarily to keep my fletching from making brushing against things an making noise. There is an added bonus for turkey hunting in that it covers my bright cap, crest, and fletching. But birds aside, I’ve never noticed animals being bothered by the sight of my arrows.

                • bumma
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                    I do use one. A couple of years ago I sent a text to my friend who was in a tree about two hundred yards from mine. I told him I was getting down and do a little drive towards him. When I finally made it there he told me all he could see were my yellow caps and yellow feathers moving as I made my way thru the woods.

                  • ChumpMcgee
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                      I use the water proofing powder that you can get at the online archery stores and was amazed at how well they work to repel water off. (on a side note my opinion with the anthrax scare a couple years back is the person was a traditional shooter. that water proofing powder is so light and fine and floats up in the air like nothing)

                      As far as the color goes on the fletching I actually use it to cover my face when I have my quiver attach to my bow 🙂

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