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    • Reddwarf
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      Does anyone know what shirt/jacket the hunter is wearing on the front cover of the April/May edition of TB magazine?

      Looks like something that might fit my needs!

      Red Dwarf

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      Yes, it is from Classic Sportsman. Nice looking stuff! Here’s the link:


    • lyagooshka
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      Real nice looking stuff. I’ll PM something similar in case you are interested. Heard good things, but to be honest, have never tried. Just another option for something similar. Be well.



    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      Nice looking stuff. A little steep for my budget, but I’m sure it’s great quality. With stuff like this, if you can put the money up front you’ll have it for years.

      I’ve been using Columbia’s Gallatin Range pants and coat. I know it’s made overseas, but it’s been wearing quite well. I recently bought an older Eddie Bauer plaid wool that I had to have adjusted by a tailor. It’s nice coat and only cost less than $40 even with the fix. dwc

    • Troy Warner
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      I have one of their double rovers, good quality for the price.

      Might be more than what some want to spend, but I’ll be wearing mine for many more years than I will any of the fancy fleece jackets that are out there…. Unless of course, my wife doesn’t give it back.


    • David Petersen
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      Beyond a camo t-shirt, I pretty much wear nothing but layers of wool plaid and generally get my shirts and shirt-jackets either on sale from Woolrich or at the recycle store. Beyond that, if you’re looking for quality wool clothing that’s amazingly affordable and offers a staggering array of patterns and colors, bes sure to check out Fred and Teresa Asbell’s offerings at


      For years it didn’t interest me because I don’t wear vests when hunting and I don’t like pull-over jackets. But now that they offer zip-up items, I bought a hooded jacket at a crazy low price and absolutely love it. Check ’em out.

    • BuckyT
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      I’ll wear whatever will keep me comfortable during my hunt.:wink:

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