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    • grumpy
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      Since surgery is tomorrow morning didn’t think it would matter if my arm fell off. Besides never had my arm fall off. Hurts but it was worth it.

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    • David Petersen
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      Grumpy — My grandson calls me Grumps, though I can’t imagine why. 😆 That’s a radical looking bow–thick limbs at the ends and short abrupt riser. Very handsome wood. Make it yourself?

      Best luck with the surgery tomorrow. I’m going in for a “procedure” tomorrow myself, and hope I can hold off on hernia surgery until after firewood and hunting season. Then I’ll be looking at a 3-month no-hard-labor recovery time right through the heavy snow season, oh boy.

      I share this personal info only because misery loves company. Best luck, Dave

    • Ralph
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      To both ya and hope it all gets over quickly. Neat bow there Grumpy.

    • Troy Warner
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      Best wishes and luck for tomorrow. Wow, great looking bow! I love that hooked arrow shelf.


    • grumpy
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      Dave, That is the final (thus far) bow of the BUILDING THE BOW thread, 50 to 60 Lb @ 22″ draw, arrow rest is the exact center of the bow. Arrows… well you will have to wait and read the ARROW thread.

      Thanks for the goos wishes R2, and Troy.

      And thanks to the well wishers that did not post, know you are there for me.

      Short, ugly, old man with a white mustash…

      Wears a dirty old hat…

    • William Warren
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      Hey Grumpy,

      Hope your surgery goes well and a speedy recovery to you too. Cool bow!


    • Michael Scott
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      Dave and Grumpy,

      Best wishes and prayers to both of you tomorrow. Hope all goes well for each of you.

      Grumpy…slick lookin bow! Love the shelf! Apparently she shoots pretty well?

    • skifrk
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      good luck with procedures to both Grumpy and Dave. Like the bow she is an interesting one to look at

    • garydavis
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      Best of luck with the knife wielders tomorrow to both of you. Here’s hoping Nurse Ratched is on vacation. Speedy recovery!

    • grumpy
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      I’m back. All is well, no surprises. Naptime.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      grumpy wrote: I’m back. All is well, no surprises. Naptime.

      Excellent. Naps are highly underrated.

    • grumpy
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      MUCH BETTER!!!!!

      Working on the arrow build, lots to say, varnish is drying.

      First week, I slept, walkied around the house for s few mins, then went back to bed. EVERYTHING was an ordeal (never try to brush your teeth with your left hand while on pain killers, esp if there is a nine year old around to laugh at you). BTW you CAN wash your left arm pit with your left hand!!!

      I guess this is the dangerous time when I could really do some damage without much effort. Wish we had done this in the winter, been sunny, and hot here and lots I would like to do.

      Stiches come off Monday, and that is when physical therapy starts.

      BTW: Audry has the same draw as I do, and she has never had a bow in her hands till yesterday. Might be interesting to tell youse guys (Y’all in Dixie, mate in Aussie) how it goes as I teach her and Arwen. Any bets on who shoots who??

    • grumpy
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      Physical Therapist is twice me size (no fat), and smiles when I am in pain. SHE reminds me of R2 in the pic holding the chain saw.

      Asked when I can use the bow, and she said 2 months (with a smile). Since it is still August, does thet mean Oct 1? Deer/turkey season starts 10/21, thru Dec. Scarey thought, but I just might actually KILL something a year after I started the bow…

      Arwen is back in school. The silence is opressive…

    • handirifle
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      Glad it went well. This past Dec, I had fairly major shoulder surgery. Rotator cuff repairs, and bicep tendonesis (sp?) It’s where they had to cut the bicep tendon, because it tore out of the groove it normally rides in, in the shoulder, and put an anchor on the shoulder bone, and re-attach the bicep tendon to that.

      It was the first week of Dec, and by the end of Feb, I was done with physical therapy. By April, I was told by the surgeon, that my recovery was nothing short of astounding. All I said was, “the power of prayer”. Funny, he didn’t answer. I think he want me to dump all the praise on him. No doubt he did a good job, but I know who guided his hands.

      Hang in there Grumpy. Didn’t know that about the armpit, good to know though. I do know that I can tie my shoes with my right hand (am a lefty) and my left foot. Amazing how adaptable we are.

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