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    • Stix
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      Check out this video! I tried it and it works!!!


    • Doc Nock
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      Cool trick… and one most often would have a vehicle window around, surely!!!

      Ron at KME taught and convinced me that a piece of standard corrugated cardboard is an excellent stropping medium as well!

      Plain old cardboard! Not cereal box, but corrugated cardboard…

      As the host in the Utube showed, you have to have an “edge” but to straighten or re-align the smoothness (sharpness) of that edge, try the glass or cardboard!

      Perpendicular strokes, work better than a rouge covered “strop” of leather. Ron pointed out that the leather will form a “wave” ahead of the blade and can roll up and defeat the purpose, where cardboard does not.

      I don’t always have cardboard, but there is a vehicle window nearby in most situations!

      Keep em sharp!

    • Ralph
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      Knowing R2, he’d probably end up with a nice knife scratch on his tinted window. 😀

      I will give it a try and the cardboard too.

      Thanks guys.

    • David Petersen
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      Just a variation on ceramic sticks …

      I’ll stick with my KME at home (I use the knife sharpener for both knives and broadheads), and a carbon X sharpener and diamond bar in the field. I don’t think I could get me truck into the places I hunt. I guess a guy could take the window out and pack it with him. 😛

    • raghorn
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      Also- the bottom of your ceramic coffee mugs.

    • Stix
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      I also use a folding diamond rod in the field, and it works great. Maybe I should re-title this thread to “could this be the best emergency knife sharpener ever?”

    • Fallguy
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      Dave is correct you sharpen at home and reset the edge in the field. I have a small steel that the rod slide into the handle. I got it 20 years ago for Christmas. I have never seen them in a store since.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      My field knives are all convexed. The only sharpening gear I carry in the field is a small leather strop, pre-loaded with stropping compound.

      Steel choice from the outset on field knives goes a long way toward what sort of sharpening supplies one has to carry (or even better – not carry) in the field.

      You can also strop a fine edge on a pair of jeans, btw.

    • Stephen Graf
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      I have used this method in a pinch – Cleaning about 400 lbs of flounder, mullet, stingray, etc after a night of bowfishing 2 summers ago. It worked and made the task go faster.

      But it wore the top of my window down pretty well. Now, instead of a rounded glass edge, it’s sort flattened off. No big deal, I just have to change the angle the next time I hone a knife on it.

      But if you used this method a bunch, your window might not close all the way, leading to rain getting in maybe.

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