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    • RalphRalph
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      This is just an open discussion on, to me, silly little things that can be quite a big deal to some.

      Mine today is in regards to shooting split finger or three under. I’m not going into which is better or worse, only why the controversy. Either of these methods works for some, not for others but the three under stirs up the most debate in places where I’ve participated in competitions or even hunting camps.

      I know people gripe because they think three under leads to string walking and it can I guess but so what? That’s easily solved if that’s a problem like the TBOT regulation states that the index finger must be touching the nock.  Over it, under it, no mass, it just has to be touching.

      I know the Texas Longbow Championship disallowed three under for years.  Finally it has been allowed for a number of years (I’m sure when people don’t show up to compete if they won’t allow three under, rules change. Money talks one way or another).

      But all that stuff really boils down to people getting whupped up on by shooters that shoot a different style and that makes that style unfair, illegal, etc. Never is the incompetence of the loser considered. Only that the winner won by hook and crook, by some sinful method of shooting a bow.

      I pretty seriously doubt that when using a hand to draw the string that there’s a new method to be invented after many millennia of people shooting bows. Sure, some certainly better that others, some better suited to the individual than others but what works best  for one is the key.

      Another deal is elevated rests.

      I know, like TBOT in Texas, there are other groups that won’t allow elevated rests. Doing so does what? That cuts out a whole generation of archery and vintage bows. There is a whole generation of bows out there with flat shelves, the side drilled and tapped for elevated/in/out  arrow rests.

      If I can make a recurve bow shoot better for me with a Bear Weather Rest or a Hoyt rest, why is that a problem? It gives me no advantage over the next guy. It just helps me. If I win, it wasn’t the equipment I guarantee.

      I can stack up material on the shelf to raise the shaft and that’s OK but I can’t stick a Bear or Hoyt Rest on the side plate to accomplish the same result???????

      Hey, give two guys bent sticks with string attached and a crooked shaft of some sort, the better shooters going to win the biggest percentage of the time anyway no  matter what rest you use or how many fingers you have on the string.

      This maybe just a start?

      Other ways for the simplicity of traditional archery to be made more complicated?

      (I know some but I get frowned upon if I bring them up.. )

      So any discussion to add?


      Don’t ask if I’m irritable…..after three days of not being able to pass a kidney stone…..nuff said?

      There are those that know………





    • James McCann
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      Split finger, three fingers under, anchor with your index finger, anchor with your middle finger, stand up straight, bend a wee bit, wiggle your butt, keep your butt still…what matters most here is that you pass that blasted stone. And then go outdoors and shoot your bow how you please.

      Wishing you a smooth and thorough pass-through.


    • RalphRalph
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      You don’t spose cause I’ve started shooting 3 under the reason my stone won’t pass???🤷‍😁♂️

    • Stephen Graf
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      I hear beer helps wash those things out.  Ouch!

      It also helps lubricate my shooting, and conversations about archery 🙂

      Good luck Ralph!

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Roger all your last – I agree a lot of people worry too much about nada — shoot arrows and enjoy the day afield .  I have been known to shoot a competition with ” my” style, legal or no, just for the experience – shooting under pressure etc. I just took the penalty or accepted being out of the money.         When egos permitted.

      Having had a kidney stone ( some of the worst pain I have experienced and it takes too long to go away!) I comesirate and wish you a fast pass —

      One of the finest pain killers I have known was administered to me in the hospital when I had it. Wish I could remember what it was ? But they didn’t let me go home with it  haha—— modern health protocols!?#!

      I hope it goes thru soonest —-


    • RalphRalph
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      Referring to another thread and Art Young shooting three under perhaps…………….

      Years ago I had some friends in Dalhart, Tx, archery buddies. The father/stepfather of the two was a sometimes shooting companion of Mr. Fred Bear.

      The stepson, Jim, actually won some international competitions with his longbow/recurve. I don’t exactly recall being 40ish years ago.

      Karl, the son never got into trad but he was quite proficient with the early wheel bows.

      Kelly, the father, was quite proficient with his recurve. I was getting back into trad and I was way impressed.

      I shot split in those days and have mostly since until here recently I’m experimenting with three under and it’s actually working (knock on wood) (or I could pun it “nock on wood” since I shoot mostly wood arrows) :-}.  I think..

      Anyway, to make a story shorter, Kelly one day gave me one of his tabs.  It was different. I didn’t know what to do with it.

      Unfortunately Kelly passed before I could get back with him to see “wat the hey”. So I just continued on my merry way of not knowing anything about or getting exposed to shooting three under. As it turned out, as I grew more educated, it was a three under tab.

      Point to make, three under has been used for a long while and not just for the target archers.

      I can tell another tale sometime about one of these fellers and his cousin and not driving off with the truck (my truck) until the whereabouts of all the group is know.   GRRRRRR!!!!!!


    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Ralph, I’m late to this thread and hope that your medical condition has improved!


      I think every opportunity should be made to highlight those things that draw us together. The love of the wild places, the trees, the wind, grass and rock underfoot, the bending bow and flying arrow. Those are so much bigger and and more meaningful than the trivialities that separate us.


      I agree wholeheartedly, in a passion as small as ours, which for beginners can be so daunting, when they leave the familiar comforts of couch and screen to step back into the unknown, romantic adventure of bow and arrow we need to include, invite, welcome and encourage. Bend the bow, let the arrow fly. See if your heart doesn’t fly with it. That’s what really matters, in my small opinion.



    • RalphRalph
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      I agree with you Jim.. Well spoken…

      The love of the flight of the arrow, the lack of complications (only self added to the art of shooting the traditional bow), the peace and friendship of my friends I participate with. What other sport offers such?

      If I get flustered when shooting my bow, that frustration can be easily solved, put the bow down and go mess with the rest of the frustrations of life. Those I can’t put down and get away from them.

      If the frustrations of life begin to overwhelm me, I can pick up my longbow, grab some arrows and get away for awhile.The frustrations of life go away for a time and I realize my flustered times with bow in hand are only minor compare to the others of life.

      Which fingers? Placement of fingers. Arrow type? Bow type? All the other hype?

      Be you, enjoy what you do and let the frustrations fly with the arrow……………


      Thanks Jim, feeling way better. Don’t know yet where the boulder :-)) is but it’s not in a killing place.   Knock on wood..


    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      Hey Ralph, best wishes with that stone. Had a beauty myself one time. Too big to pass so they beat it to pieces. Felt like Bruce Lee smacking me with a broom stick for an hour. Ha! The good times.

      Every now and then I get the itch to try three under, then I end up dry firing the bow when the arrow slips out. I know I could fix that, but I go back to improving what I’m used to. I do enjoy watching the folks shoot bullseyes at the Lancaster event on utube. Lot of respect for that level of skill. Best, dwc

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