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  • wwridgerunner824wwridgerunner824
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    Dont know if this is the place to post but Planning a Colorado mule deer hunt.Anyone interested or have input,it’s solo so far.Its my first DIY,can’t afford an outfitter.Any help would be appreciated.

  • damon wooddamon wood
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    I’m no expert on this as I lived there for only three years, but Colorado deer is draw only unless you buy a leftover rifle season tag for any units that may have some, some have good odds to draw with minimal (1-2) points. Research where you’d want to hunt and look online for all the info. Hopefully someone will chime in from CO. Saw a lot of nice deer in OTC elk units I’ve hunted in the south/central part of the state. You can use your bow during the gun seasons as long as you follow all the other rules. Good luck!

  • wwridgerunner824wwridgerunner824
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    Yes I understood mule deer is draw,But it seems like most people get them in low point to “0” point areas and there seem to be left over tags from reading there post draw reports.Way too much info for me to wrap my head around all at once so I could be wrong.

  • Harold Burke
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    Every time I go elk hunting, in both units, I see lots of mulies. Many units have good draw odds, as you mentioned, and I have a buddie that drew a decent unit his first attempt. It really doesn’t hurt to put in every year and just be prepared to head west. I will [hopefully] draw next year and the annual elk hunt will be a mulie hunt.

  • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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    Ridge runner

    I Havn’t hunted CO in awhile so have little current info. I find most of the western states game dept regulations difficult ( complicated)and I live in NM. I do read them completely every year to stay in compliance and recommend same to all. As with most organizations today it is difficult to get a knowledgeable person on the phone, that is the best bet and worth the extra effort. If you can join up with some bowhunters who have been there before, is of course a good option – cheaper too. I believe it is always good to contact game dept folks ( biologists / LE officers) –bear in mind the info you get will be similar to what the rest of the public received. Ie I doubt it will be a honey hole. In the world of today not many people will give up ” their spot”, even to friends – every one is trying to avoid the crowd- which is becoming more difficult in the west  – especially CO.

    What I do, is gather all the info I can by phone/ internet, sporting goods stores in the area to be hunted  etc . Pick a spot that looks good, then go there in the summer and scout ( yea I know, its easier if you live closer). In CO you will need to go high ( be prepared). Or pick a couple likely spots and check them out . It is easier to get good info when the hunt isn’t on. In fact the best time to scout for next year – is right after the hunt you are interested in has ended, as successful hunters like to tell their story ( and you will know where the crowds went in order to avoid them ). Or if you do not have the time/ money for good pre season scouting – come early and talk to the hunters who just finished the hunt before yours.

    There was a time in my youth when one could just about go to any western state ask the locals where to go and be sent to a lucrative area, more difficult today. Do the research and the scouting ( which i enjoy almost as much as the hunt) and you will probably have a more successfull hunt, and get to spend more time in our wonderful public lands!


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