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    • amosss
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      Hey Robin,I saw that you are a bee keeper I have a question what determans the color of honey?Is it what the bees feed on just bought some but it was really light.

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      It depends on the nectar from the flowers they visit. In my area there isn’t one specific flower so it is a mixed honey. Bees forage 3-5 miles so you have to have a lot of clover, or orange or whatever to call it that type of honey. Best thing to do is buy local honey though. It is much better, may help with allergies to pollen in your area and you support a local farmer/beekeeper.

      So far, I haven’t got any honey off my one hive, but we are hopeful this is the year! 😀

    • amosss
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      I do buy local,but the guy I was getting didn’t have any for two years something killed off all his bees.He called to let me know he had about 20 qts.when I went to pick it up he had 4qts.dark wich is what he han in pass and all the rest was real light,and he said the bees were in to different locations and what the bees were eating made the color different,I don’t know the guy real well so I though I would ask someone else thanks for the info.By the way they did have a little different taste but they were both good.

    • Snakeeater
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      Just as the type of pollen affects the color, it also affects the taste.

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