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      Hey Guys! Just joined and here’s my first post.

      First I have a question for the Bear Kodiak owners. I recently took a couple shots with a used one and it had a lot of vibration when shot. Is this the usual for the Bear Kodiak recurves?

      Any Chekmate Attila shooters out there?
      I just purchased my first recurve bow a few days ago – a 51# Chekmate Attila. In my opinion it is a very nice bow. (I haven’t shot any of the more expensive recurves so I’m not sure if they are any better). There’s no hand shock or vibration and it shoots fast. It also draws very smooth and is nice and quiet. I’ve shot a compound for the last three years and I wanted to try out traditional archery. I love the simplicity of just a stick and string with no sights or rests that can get knocked out of place. There’s not much that can go wrong with a traditional bow. I also love how light a trad bow is, they are a joy to carry!
      Here’s some pics of my Attila (I have an EFA mini max 4 arrow quiver attached).

      Right now I am shooting Easton XX75 2216 aluminum arrows with 100grn points, using three fingers under. Here are two groups I shot after figuring out how I shoot best – the top 2 arrows were shot from 10 yards (at top dot). The bottom 3 arrows were shot from 25 yards (at bottom dot).

      I’d like to hear some other people’s opinions on the Chekmate Attila if they have one. Thanks


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