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    • shawhill
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      I dont know if anyone has posted this before but recently I was looking for some paper plates to use as a target for use on my hay bale. Lo and behold we were out. So I looked in my exclusive materials bin (read recycling tub) and found some ice cream lids. They are perfect, about 6″ or so in diameter and with the hard(ish) ring around them they dont rip off the garden staple like the plates would. They last for a good little while too. Plus it never hurts to have another reason to eat ice cream!:D

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      No, no, Shawhill — 6″ targets would make me into a lousy shooter, while 2′ targets make me a master. How’s about garbage can lids?:lol:

    • shawhill
      Post count: 63

      lol. You should start buying your ice cream in the “elk sized” 2 gallon tubs.

    • RalphRalph
      Post count: 2544

      Shootin’ at a tennis ball makes me realize how easy the world is to hit!!:?

    • FUBAR
      Post count: 252

      Heck, lately I can’t hit the backstop, let alone a target:roll:

    • tom-wisconsin
      Post count: 239

      I use lids off of Ben and Jerry’s pints… That does not mean I hit them though:D

    • milesm12
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      balloons are good too…its fun to hear ’em pop when you hit ’em.

    • anointedarcher
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      another great target that are cheap and fun to shoot at our your kids rap CD’s:P

    • purehunter
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      Ballons are great! I think shooting the cd’s is good too but now my kids use an ipod so that’s out. Laughing But, I have been using a good “reactive” target lately that might be of interest. And it’s cheap too, like the balloons. I go out to the local areas where shotgun shooters use clay pigeons and I pick up the good ones left over. I have hung them on a target with tape, put them on dirt banks and suspended them from 2×4 with tape. The size makes them great for a “heart” shot. It’s a very satisfying and a cheap way to add something to your practice.


    • Moreton
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      anointedarcher wrote: another great target that are cheap and fun to shoot at our your kids rap CD’s:P

      I’ll second that!WinkLaughing

    • StickbowmanMI
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      Another homemade target that is great to shoot at is a burlap bag stuffed with plastic. Draw a target on the front of it and when the arrows begin to penetrate through the bag. Take it down and step on it to move the plastic around. It works and lasts a long time. Burlap bags can sometimes be obtained from feed stores or from farmers markets(usually in 50 lb. bags of potatoes}.

    • Danny Klee
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      It funny you should mention targets. Byron Ferguson said the center of an asprin is exactly the same size as the center of a watermelon. Sooo, I tacked a one inch key ring on my bag target. At first it was very hard to hit inside the ring, but after a while it became easier at 10 and 15 yards to put my arrow right inside the one inch ring. I can’t do it all the time but I think by concentrating and focusing my attention into the ring it has become easier to put the arrows home. They at least come close or very close to the ring if I do miss the spot. Now I put the ring on my 3D target and I get the same results. I hope it pays off in the woods. I think it has made me a little better archer. In my humble opinion anyway.


    • trl242
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      The cheapest target for me are small game tips. I use three of them in the yard, on an old basketball that I kick around the yard.

    • JodyS
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      As I have three daughters, still youngsters thank goodness, I plan in years to come to use the drivers’ licenses of the boys who will want to date them for target practice. If those are too small then I will shoot at the tires on the cars of the boys who want to date them….as a previous post stated about balloons, it will be fun to hear them pop. Tongue out


    • barefoot hunter
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      I use old t-shirts stuffed with all those unnecessary Wal-Mart bags we seem to accumulate. Let’s me unleash some of my disgust towards them! 😆

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Well Jody, after you walk three girls through puberty, high school and college, I’m betting you’ll be sweet as pie to any guys who may come courting, in hopes they’ll take ’em off your hands and you can hunt and fish more. 😛

      Targets — years ago I started using a dirt pile for broadhead practice. These days, when it’s not muddy, I use it for field points as well. Most of the year dandelions, grass clumps, etc. provide good targets … rather like stump shooting without leaving your yard. Sand works too and of course both will be abrasive to your shafts, so I don’t use my ultra-high-dollar trophy arrows for this (because I don’t own any such).

    • riddleofsteel
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      Save all your old clothes, socks, rags, ect. I stuff them in pet food bags (which I have plenty of). Some pet food bags are almost the same woven synthetic material that Dead Stop uses and has a side view of a big Golden Retriever of the front. Kinda weird shooting pics of dogs and cats but the idea is the same and it’s all free.

    • WICanner
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      If you are in need of a good backstop, I like to use two fence posts and a cow mat attached in between. Cow mats can be bought new for about $45; or, farmers change them out every couple of years, and I am sure they can be had for free. They’ll even smell like elk! 😀

    • codger
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      Well if i could see a key ring from 15 yards i could probably hit it! but its really hard to pick a spot if you cant see the spot! maybe new glasses are in order.

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