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    • Stephen Graf
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      I just read the editorial about Don T. Leaving and David T. taking over as co-editor.  It is so true that nothing is constant, but change.  Still, I can’t get used to it.  That said…

      I give a big SALUTE! to Don for his many years of dedicated and excellent thinking and writing.  YOU WILL BE MISSED as co-editor, but I look forward to reading about your adventures in the times to come.

      And I give a big WELCOME! to David.  His book reviews are great (save his obviously mis-informed positive review of that silly little book about making longbows by that boob Graf).  His commitment to the sport of traditional archery is obvious, as is his command of the language and what is important to put into words.

      As usual, T.J. has shown that he knows how to run a magazine and keep it in tip top shape.

      Congratulations to all for the marks you have made, and the dedication and honor you have shown.  We are all in your debt.

    • richard roop
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      + What ^ said.

    • Ptaylor
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      Yep, I’ll echo Stephen’s sentiments.

      Thank you Don for all the hard work you’ve put into TBM, as well as the many times you have put your head on the chopping block and spoken up against threats to public land, hunting in general, and the spirit of traditional bowhunting!

      Welcome David! I look forward to your thoughts and opinions and the direction the two co-editors will be taking TBM into the future.

    • David Tetzlaff
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      Don’s brilliance as a writer and Co-Editor is unsurpassed and will always be so. Legends are never replaced. We just endeavor to follow the examples they set for us. One sentence into any piece that Don pens and the reader is immediately aware that they are taking another extraordinary journey in print. We will all look forward to future feature stories from Don, and there will be great one coming soon (yeah, I am in a position to know stuff now!)

      And perhaps no one is more aware of his talents than those of us who have dared to bare our throats to the master all these years as we write and re-write and beg for constructive criticism in an attempt to see our humble efforts in print. Those of us on the masthead and all of the frequent contributors know of what I speak. Without Don’s patience and guidance, I would not be able to say thank you for the warm welcome and I promise that I will live and breathe to maintain the outstanding tradition of this fine magazine. TJ and Robin have poured their lives into the success of TBM and it is an honor to be selected to join the team.



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