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    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      I saw this (or something very similar) when old man mountain climber Willi Prittie pulled one out on a Nat Geo show.

      Here’s a link to it:


      It came in a can about the size of a can of shoe polish. It looked like a neat idea. Has anyone ever used one?

    • Stephen Graf
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      I’m sure it works. But if you accept their claim that it will cut a 3 inch branch in 10 seconds, then it is just on par with the good folding saws available these days.

      I bought a good folding saw for about 10 dollars and it can be used in a variety of ways that the chain saw cannot, including 1 handed…

      The new saw blades are so aggressive on both the push and the draw, that I don’t think they can be beat. The chain may work, but it can only be used one way, and requires that the wood provide it’s own resistance to movement. Looks like a perfect setup for Curly and Moe.

    • Anonymous
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      You are far, far better off with a good folding saw. A Silky Gomboy or a Bahco Laplander can be had for about the same price. Either packs lighter, cuts better, is far more durable, and easier to use that any of those things. BT/DT.

    • David Bartlett
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      About the only way you could effectively use this is to make some sort of frame to stretch the chain between. If you need to do that, you might as well have a dedicated folding saw.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      I played around with one of those a long time ago, but found them awkward to use. I’m sure it could be handy if it was all you had, but like others have said, there are some very good lightweight folding saws that, while they may not be as compact, are a lot more effective. Love my Laplander…

    • Mark Turton
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      Opinel folding saw works for me.

    • ChumpMcgee
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      My 95 year old grandma used this before she passed. I think she got it at Big Lots for less than 30 dollars. She would go in the back yard and cut limbs off of trees all the time with it, even if the limb did not need to be taken down 🙂 I just use a folding saw blade, you can get closer to the trunk of the tree and not have to worry about the blade slipping out of the groove

    • David Petersen
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      Works great for garroting your enemies, though if they’re wearing a turtle-neck it sort of gums up the teeth. 😈

    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Dave, the beatniks are safe from me 😉

      I hear what all you fella’s are saying about the ol folding saw.

      I suppose something that looked good about this is you’re on the right axis for working on the trunks of saplings and small trees, where a hand saw can be fairly awkward cutting something vertical.

      I mostly use my big knife for cutting cam anyway, but was curious if anyone had used one.

    • FallguyFallguy
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      I have never used one but I always figured it would not work to well because it takes 2 hands to run the saw. That means you would have be cutting either a branch that was heavy enough to stay put due to it weight or only ones attached to the tree still. Not to handy for making fire wood.

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      You have to say, though, it did a nice job on that sub in the video…

    • grumpygrumpy
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      Good idea….Too bad it doesn’t work.

      I’ve done a lot with a reciprocating saw blade, and vise grips. They do make cordless recip saws… if you have the room in your day pack.

      Once found the road blocked by a tree and a kid with a big truck burning rubber trying to move it. Got the cordless recio saw out of the back of my truck, and cut it up till a cop came by and told me to stop showing off.

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