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    • R.A. Burgin
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      Looking for a good place to hunt caribou without spending a fortune. Anyone hunted somewhere they would recomend? Thank You Blacksmith/ rbburgin@embarqmail.com

    • Stephen Graf
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      I hunted woodland caribou in NewFoundland.

      It was a tough hunt and we walked a lot over land that I can only describe as : “walking on a field of bowling balls”.

      But the people are great and it was probably my favorite hunt that I have taken.

      I would recommend that you add a few days to your trip to sight see around the island

      I’m having trouble remembering the outfitters name, but if you are interested I’ll go look it up. It was a top notch outfit.

    • bruc
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      I live in Manitoba and have hunted caribou once in our province. It was an experience of a lifetime.
      I took bow and rifle and used my rifle.
      The landscape where we hunted really does lend itself to bowhunting. Lot of stunted spruce and willow to help with concealment.
      I know the camp manager for Gangler’s Lodge and according to him if you pick the right week when migration is in full swing then its like winning the lottery!:)
      Google Ganglers Canadian Sub-arctic hunting for more info and pictures of the landscape. There are other Manitoba outfitters as well. Manitoba regulations allow 2 caribou. If you need more info, glad to help. Bruce

    • David Petersen
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      Based on 5 trips up there: If you hunt AK I would recommend a float trip vs. a drop camp. There are so many hunters up there now, and so many bush planes to service them, that you could easily get dropped on a small lake with another camp in sight right across from you, as I once did. Too many flight service companies will promise you what we all ask for — a remote camp all to ourselves amidst great hunting — then just drop you “by the numbers” for their own convenience. That’s the norm in my experience. With a float, you can move as often as you like or stay put and explore more deeply into the surrounding country. Not long ago Don Thomas — who lived there and had his own plane — wrote an article for TBM about this very topic. You’d do well hunt chase it down. Good luck, dave

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