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  • tigertradtigertrad
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    We’d all like to think: “Of course I can!”

    Some will debate whether hitting a paper plate — say a regular 9-inch model — is not nearly good enough to be hunting live game.  Many of those will not be using traditional equipment, however.  But, others will say that we owe a responsibility to the animals we hunt to, at least, have this level of proficiency at whatever distance we shoot. I’m NOT talking about legislated tests.  I merely believe we trad shooters should simply stay within our own abilities, as established individually, regarding the situations and distances where we would loose an arrow at game.  Of course, practice is the way to guide us in our abilities and build our accuracy, consistency and confidence to determine how far and when we shoot.

    We can do this alone at a range, or shooting stumps in the woods, or at 3D tournments in friendly competition with our brethren.  To this end, I know of a friendly competition that you can participate in easily, starting today, involving 20 shots at a paper plate from 20 yards.  It’s on another site, founded by a dedicated traditional archer.  May be a fun opportunity to do a self-check in friendly competition with fellow traditional archers.

    Here’s a link:


    So happens I won last year’s first go-round of the challenge.  Fun deal. Try if you like.



  • richard roop
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    I take a simpler approach.

    Paper plate on the bales. One arrow at 5 yards. Hit the plate …… go to 10 yards. Hit the plate……. go to 15.  Keep moving back 5 yards at a time until I miss one.  Farthest I’ve ever gotten back was the 70 yard line. Usually miss one before that though.

    Makes a good exercise to alternate with form drills.

  • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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    Tiger and Richard

    All good stuff – and Imho- the stay in the paper plate ( 8 1/2 -9″) is a good realistic goal. I also think competition is excellent, as it teaches shooting under stress. Especially, if there are contests nearby, or you have enough friends to set up a match.

    What I mostly do anymore is compete with myself ( haha ). I endeavor to keep my hits on whatever spot I have picked on the target and within a fist of that marks center.  I rarely shoot from the same distance/ position twice in a row. Each arrow shot from a different range ( although I sometimes shoot groups for form exercise). When I start practice working up to the season opener, I shoot at tgts similar in thoracic size to the game . I also have these suspended at the proper height from the ground for that animal- thus helping my mind to place it in the proper perspective if you will, to enhance my instinctive shooting style. When shooting at these tgts I have nothing on them as an aiming point, forcing me to pick a spot low center. Sometimes I have put a line forming a shoulder which helps me practice shooting right behind same.  I also like roving , stump shooting whenever possible. I am lucky to have my backyard range in a little canyon so can practice some uphill/ downhill shots.



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