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    • Dennis Sundborg
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      Some time ago I remember reading a thread that recommended a solvent for removing old camo paint from a bow without damaging the original finish. Does anyone remember what that solvent was?

    • David Petersen
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      Ontario– I’ve had great luck with acetone … but I’ve only used flat camo paint that’s made to be easily removed, never enamel or such. Still, you have nothing at risk to try acetone. If that doesn’t work, send me a PM. Best luck …

    • Fallguy
      Post count: 317

      You could try “Goof Off” also. I would start with regular stuff first though. The Pro strength stuff may cut into the clear coat on the bow depending on what was used. I have used it at work and it will soften paint.

    • Jason Wesbrock
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      Several years ago I bought a ’62 Kodiak at a swap meet. The previous owner had cover it, tip to tip, in thick black paint. I don’t know if it was house paint or what kind it was. Nasty stuff though. I ended up removing it with a lot of fine steel wool and elbow greese.

    • grumpy
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      Painter here. Removing paint tends to be a all or nothing thing, Acetone will dissolve plastic, and polyurethane IS a plastic. Try the Goof Off first, it is less dangerous. If the camo paint is latex, you could try a LITTLE heat, like a hair dryer. If you do use acetone or other paint removers, be conservative, put it on for a few mins, then wipe. It may come off. On the other hand, its not that hard to varnish a bow.

    • William Warren
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      WD-40. I know its a lube but it will lightly loosen but not dissolve spray paint without hurting the finish. It will take some effort and plenty of old tee shirts. Just take your time.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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