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    • strait-aero
      Post count: 350

      I know you and Bruce do,Dave. Wayne:(

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Now Wayne, what would make you think that? There’s plenty of entertainment here in winter. For instance, I just came in from lying on my back on ice to put chains on the truck so maybe I can get it back up to the road. There’s always firewood to haul from the big pile by wheelbarrow, or plastic sled if the snow’s too deep and soft for wheels, to the porch pile. Ashes to haul, snow to move from one place to another. Wife to fuss with in the claustrophobic cabin, dogs to kick … and my love/hate relationship with this computer.

      Aha! I just came to the base of your accusations of cabin fever: Bruce and I are on here far more than during the fall! 😆 And I’ve been dreaming out loud about AZ. Yup, I must got it.

      But then, I’m nowhere near bored enough to go bowfishing through the ice! Besides, the biggest thing I might get a shot at on the local lake is a 20″ brown trout.

    • paleoman
      Post count: 918

      Not too bad yet! I do make more inane posts than usual this time of year:wink: I pick up my guitar more and wish my son hadn’t cranked up the amp and then turned it on:twisted: I’ll leave at this..what bird speaks Spanish? Portu-geese:lol:

    • David Fudala
      Post count: 224

      I’ve got airport terminal fever! Been trying to get down to North Carolina since monday morning for work! Maybe tonite???

    • coastalbendbows
      Post count: 120

      hard to get cabin fever in Florida. Although we did get a small taste of cold air for a couple days. Man I fell for y’all that live up north and west.

      hang in there.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      Strait-Aero wrote: I know you and Bruce do,Dave. Wayne:(

      Who, me?

      Oh, noooo…..I’m having a great time. Woohooo!

      This is the only time of year that I start to question where I live. But all in all, I’ve got it pretty good here, and if I have to while away the time XC-skiing and shooting in the basement, life ain’t so bad.

      At least I get to party with Clay and the Fischers next weekend!!

    • archer38
      Post count: 242

      Until now, been having fun chasing after snowshoe hares but we just got another 20 inches of snow over the past couple days. Gonna be hard slugging since we already had over 2 feet before this !!

    • strait-aero
      Post count: 350

      I’ve got a shoot tonight at the archery club…..I run the indoor.:)

    • wahoo
      Post count: 415

      looking at DP schedule sounds like he’s in heaven – work, snowshoe ,ski and there is always my bow plus I have a new pup which is trying . So far I’m good – I didn’t like the sub zero temps we had earlier but right now not bad just need more snow

    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2270

      No such thing here. Have two kids, archery season on til Saturday. If I could do it, I would skip sleep to get caught up! dwc

    • Col Mike
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      At least I get to party with Clay and the Fischers next weekend!!

      Bruce–you are indeed a hoot:lol: Sorry I’m going to miss you in K-zoo. We will have to rendezvous somewhere soon.

      Give my best to the Fischer’s and don’t you and Clay call for bail money.

      Semper Fi


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