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    • tradguy76
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      I am still learning the art of traditional bow tuning. I shoot off the shelf and the lower hen feather seems to wear prematurely. I am shooting an old Damon Howatt Hunter and it has a large riser and long arrow shelf. Should I put a small shim under the rug to give the shelf more of a crown? Or is this a nock alignment issue? I have the same problem with several batches of arrrows. Thanks for the help.

    • strait-aero
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      Using a shim to give the shelf more of a crown could help,or maybe use a feather or seal skin rest. Don’t think it’s a nock alignment issue. Wayne

    • Stephen Graf
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      It’s hard to say for sure… but I might lean towards a too stiff arrow. One sure sign of a too stiff arrow is to hear a “click” as the arrow passes the shelf and the back of it bangs against the shelf. Even if you don’t hear this, it could be just a bit too stiff, causing the hen feather to rub on the shelf.

      If you use a heavier point on your arrow by say, at least 50 grains, you may see the feather wear go away… And your arrow flight improve a bit.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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