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    • DAbersold
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      I’m looking to swap a Pearson Deadhead broadhead for a Browning Serpentine broadhead for my archery display. I posted it in the Collectors Corner section, but it got me thinking. Did these things actually work? They look wicked, but not too strong. They also look like just the devil to sharpen. Anyway, anybody ever heard of them being used?

    • Fletcher
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      The old ads for them had some neet pictures of cored apples, but I don’t recall ever seeing a picture of something dead. I’m sure that if everything went right, they would work, but why bother when a Zwickey Delta is so easy to use.

      I have some Serpentines, one of these days I should sharpen one. Rick

    • Buzzard
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      An old fellow i used to work with has some and used to hunt with them. Killed several deer with’em and always said there a bitch to sharpen. I’ve seen the arrows he used and only a couple of the heads were not broken where the blade attaches at the rear of the ferrule.

    • trapperDave
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      I cant imagine them getting much penetration. Good for shootin apples though 😆

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