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    • Ricky Lee
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      How do you remove a broken nock from a wooden arrow?

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    • jpc
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      heat slowly and pull

      easy 🙄

    • Ricky Lee
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      Thank you.

    • Stephen Graf
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      Or simply hold the arrow such that the nock is pointing away from you and, using a sharp knife or razor, “whittle” the nock off. Take a slice, rotate, slice again. It will pop off tout suite.

    • Ricky Lee
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      Thank you, excellent idea.

    • Robin Conrads
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      codger wrote:

      I heat it up with a cigarette lighter keeping the flame away from the shaft and fletching then pull it off with a pair of pliers the knock will be hot dont grab it with your fingers! this should leave a pretty nice clean taper to glue your new knock on to. if necessary scrape off the glue residue on the taper. i tend to break a lot of knocks when practicing at close range.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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