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    • Shane Balow
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      Im not sure how many people hunt with stone tips still if their state allows it… but i was wondering if people have ever hunted with glass tipped arrows? I’am currently in the military deployed and have read articles/books and just wondered if people just use stone or bone? I try to spend my spare time flint knapping to relieve stress of work and i dont have readily access to stone but i want the capability to use what i create in the future when i get back from europe! Any type of information would be great and sorry if this doesn make sense.

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Hi deisel4bt. I can’t help with the broadhead question but I wanted to a.) thank you for your service to our country, and b.) welcome you to Tradbow.com. Hopefully, the friends you make here will help pass the time when you can get on the computer. Stay safe.

      What kind of glass are you referring to?

    • NY Yankee
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      Yes, there are people who do use glass to knap into an arrow head. The ones I have read about use Heavy glass bottles and knap the bottoms into points. They have MUCHO GRANDE patience and skill. I’ll stick with my steel points thanks.:D

    • Shane Balow
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      The only glass i even have access to is the bottom of non-alcoholic beer bottles. and thank you for acknowledging my service and you are welcome! im just trying to be versatile with archery and not be stuck to the commercial side of it. i guess self-reliant. thanks for the posts. i greatly appreciate it:D

Viewing 3 reply threads
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