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    • Patrick
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      I’m wondering how long it should be expected to remain effective under typical usage?

    • M
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      Until it wears off.

    • David Petersen
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      Well said, M???? 🙄 The only Teflon coated heads I’m aware of are Eclipse. I’ve toured the factory and seen the excellence in every step for myself. Even so, it’s just a coating and it does wear off fairly rapidly with use and resharpening. To avoid “wear off” it would have to be solid Teflon. But to be fair, I do all my practice shooting with broadheads into a dirt bank, which wears fast no only on the coating but the heads as well. Ashby’s tests have demonstrated that a good Teflon coating improves penetration, though not to the extent of other arrow-system elements. The new STOS heads (out a year or so now) have “carbon” coating but I’m yet to see any reliable reports on how it performs vs. Teflon, via either penetration or wear-off. Since I oil all my broadheads and oil the foam in my bowquiver before every season, I don’t worry about it one way or another. But a valid question, Patrick, deserving a serious response. Whether I know anything or not remains in doubt — but I am serious! 😆 dave

    • BlakeFischer
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      Patrick, I am afraid that “M” is correct. The coating is viable until removed. It is sprayed and then baked on, and is a very durable finish, but to remove you need an abrasive like sand paper or a bead blast. Consequently shooting them into the dirt slowly removes the Teflon coating over time.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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