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    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      This is a neat article written up by a member of an Aussie archery forum I read as well:


      I thought it may be of some interest to some folks here.


    • Stephen Graf
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      What? What? The story stopped just as he was getting going. He called his work a bow, but I think he was making a form. Where’s the rest of the story?

      That Japanese rasp looks interesting. I’ll have to check that out.

    • Troy Breeding
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      The bare min. depends on the style bow you want.

      Glass laminated bows take alot of equipment.

      Selfbow,,, in fact all you need to make one is a small pocket knife.


    • coastalbendbows
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      Bare minmal tools. When I started building glass lam bows I had minimal tools. Bandsaw to cut out my riser shape and from there it was by hand. Everything had to be hand sanded to fit. After glued up I shaped everything with files and finished it out by sanding by hand.

      Now things are a lot different.


    • grumpygrumpy
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      No fair!! He wasn’t working in winter, when the ground is covered with snow. Didn’t include the broom and dustpan. Which I used more than any other tool.

      Doesn’t show the bows that broke. Easy to look like you know what you are doing if you omit the embarrassing details.


    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      Steve, I thought he was doing half of a melanesian style flat bow (I don’t know why he’d be doing half). I’m sure I’ve seen some in a museum that had outrageously wide limbs like that. But you may certainly be right. Perhaps what he was really trying to show was how you could cut a curve with basic tools, which my ignorant little brain thought was pretty neat 🙂 I like the look of that japanese rasp as well, I’m going to go look for one on the weekend.

      Pete, love the broom and dustpan line. The poor, unglamorous cleaning equipment, forever overlooked 😉

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