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  • shaneharley
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    So I was rereading Longbow by Jay Campbell and he mentions A book called Bowhunting Alaskas Rivers by Jay Massey. I decided I really wanted to read that book and started looking but cannot find a copy anywhere. Is there any places you all know of that sell books about archery that might have it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Stephen Graf
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    Since it’s out of print, the internet machine is your best bet. It can take a long time, but watch links like this:

    It takes about a year, usually, to find one at a fair price.

  • tailfeather
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    Those of you with publishing knowledge….Why wouldn’t some enterprising publisher (TBM?) make a run at reprinting books like this? I know it is something of a niche market, but the demand is there. Is it a copyright, royalties issue?

  • Bruce Smithhammer
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    I’ve wondered the same thing! A paper reprint might not be able to justify overhead for such a small market, but at the very least an e-book reprint should be pretty easy, if the copyright holder would be willing to cooperate.

    I’d love to have the entire Massey collection, but the market prices I see these days for the out-of-print versions is a little rich for my blood.

  • Patrick
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    Better late than never. If you join Professional Bowhunters Society, you have access to the lending library. They have four of his books, including the one mentioned above. Here’s the list:

  • Don Thomas
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    Jays’ books are excellent, but there are complex issues involving copyright law that make reissuing them difficult. Smarter people them me are working on it and hopefully we’ll have something soon. Don

  • alvin rogers
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    There is an ebook of that book posted at or just get to print this pdf file at If you wanted to have it reprinted in digital print copy I suggest that you use this bound books print at

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