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    • trl242
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      I was watching the outdoor channel today, hoping to catch a Barta re-run or something before I went to work and saw an add for a new site called “Bow Blitz”. Supposed to be everything about archery but of course we were left out of the commercial mix again. Thank God for Tradbow! As I clicked around on the site, I couldn’t help but to notice how commercialized it all was with adds everywhere.
      I’m fully aware of the statistics, such as only 25% of hunters also bow hunt and out of those only 5% use traditional gear but I get frustrated sometimes after coming in from yet another practice session outside and turning on the tv only to find someone trying to get me to buy another faster bow with faster wheels on it. We are unquestionably the most dedicated bow hunters in the world, practicing every day and driven by our own sense of what is the right way to hunt and yet we are the most ignored. Does not make sense.
      I was rewarded with watching tv today when I saw a guy in a compound bow competition ‘drama’ miss a 3d deer shot at 20 yards. This after completing what looked to be an impressive shot at 100 yards with the same bow. I doubt there is anyone on this site who could not have closed the deal on that “challenge”.
      I suppose we will never get our recognition and support until our industry becomes the huge money maker that the compound bow industry is which we can assume will be never. Yet, we live the purest form of archery on a daily basis. Perhaps they think we would not be interested in a show that may or may not close with yet another kill shot on a buck from some guy whispering in a tree. What they don’t understand is that we know this sport better than they (the entertainment industry) do and we would not be surprised at all to watch a thirty minute show that ended without a kill. Nor would this take away from our appreciation of the show itself or the sport. They underestimate our dedication and goals.
      At any rate, thank you all here at Trad Bow for being the only port in the commercial storm, where a poor country boy with a re-curve can flee to in order to converse with like minded people.

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      Agree, wish Traditional Bowhunter Magazine had a show. I got so sick of all the hooplah that i dont even watch the sportsman channel anymore and had directv to cancel the outdoor channel as i was paying like $3 extra for it a month.

    • David Petersen
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      I agree with you both, plus my personal twists. Except for the horrid impression these twisted “hunting hero” programs give the nonhunting public and antis about hunting and hunters, especially bowhunting, I am not bothered by the disgusting commercial filth of the “Outhouse Channels” as I don’t watch TV. When I’m in a motel and channel surfing from boredom and hit one, I can’t get out of there fast enough. But I’m really not sure I’d want even a good trad bowhunting program on one of these bottom-feeding Outhouse channels, as TV can’t be done without sponsors, and in some ways being on TV all the time would cheapen our sport. Hunting to me is a personal participation sport and I don’t particularly care for it as spectator entertainment, esp. when it’s presented as just another competition. Thank God for the “off” switch. IMHO, Dave

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