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    • Steve J
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      Ok, Ive read about tuning, but I am again at a loss.
      Does tuning consist of?
      1.arrow spine
      2.nock adjustment
      3.weight of broadhead
      4.brace heighth

      5. all or none of the above
      Any replys will tell me more than I know now.

    • Stephen Graf
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      My first suggestion would be to look through the 3Rivers catalog book section. There are a bunch of good books on learning to shoot the bow. These books go into much greater detail than you can get here on such a broad question.

      All of the items you mentioned in your list are important to getting good arrow flight. If you look in the Ashby forum there is always a lot of talk about EFOC which means extreme front of center.

      It is kind of hard to just write about the items you mentioned. Maybe if you had a specific question about one of them it would be easier to address. Or if you were having a specific problem relating to one of them…

    • Hiram
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      With a 165 head on that rig you need a 500 spine arrow cut to 29 or 30 inchs. Set your brace at 8 1/2 and your nock at 1/2 above. 125 head you will need to leave a 500 carbon at 30 inchs. I posted a pile of stuff on tuning not to long ago. Just search tuning.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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